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Actions Have Consequences

Matthew Steeples reminds the Duchess of Sussex, Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook colleagues that actions have consequences


“If you don’t want something published, don’t write it down” is something that should have been told to both the former Meghan Markle and executives at Facebook.


With both the new Duchess of Sussex and said executives moaning and threatening legal action, it is time that all be reminded of the above. These ridiculous people should accept that with rights come responsibilities and also that actions have consequences.


In the case of Mark Zuckerberg and his employees, the release of their emails about data use also reminds us all that this multi-billion dollar enterprise is operating on the basis of “one rule for us and another for everyone else.” That they have the right to use anything any of their users posts as they see fit is a danger to us all. That they pay virtually no tax is another.


As for ‘Murky Mucky,’ that she wrote a pompous letter to her father – a plainly badly treated man – sums up this wench’s arrogance. What did she expect him to do with it? Put it in a cupboard. Now, in threatening legal action against the Mail on Sunday, she proceeds to make the situation worse. ‘The Modern Day Mrs Simpson’ chose public life when she became an actress and she repeated that again when she married into the royal family. She should pipe down and she ought to get herself a better PR.


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3 comments on “Actions Have Consequences”

  1. Facebook is a disgrace for its tax avoidance. Meghan Markle meanwhile is a disgrace for spending £350,000 on a baby shower. She should not be flying in her condition anyway.

  2. Imagine expecting your family to keep your communications private. Clearly Magical Meggy was not raised with very, very, upper, upper, crusty, crusty values. Expecting people to do the right thing is soooo middddllleee clllaaassss, darlings.

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