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Advertising in The Steeple Times can be a huge return for a small investment.

Advertiser profile:

The Steeple Times is a unique online magazine with a very special following. With an large but highly variable number of viewers on a daily basis as well as 84,342 subscribers by email, we are seen and read by millions of viewers. Our subscribers and visitors are among the most wealthy of any large or medium publication word wide, among our subscribers are an amazing quality of Royals, billionaires and oligarchs. If fact it is often said that the total net worth of the readership of The Steeples Times is certainly greater than The Mail Online and the Huffington Post combined! We have receive letters of thanks from readers who have purchased (an island, a 100ft yacht and more than a few grand homes), we are sure that there have been hundreds of other great connections where the readers were not quite so expansively grateful.


The Steeple Times covers food, drink and fine dining as well as luxury, the arts, individuals of influence and current affairs in the United Kingdom, America and elsewhere.


The online title’s following is affluent, engaged and international. With 38% of readers coming from the UK and 36% from America, The Steeple Times also has strong presence within Canadian, Italian, German and Australian territories. We have a cult following in the far and middle east.


Advertisers are of a high profile and include estate agents, developers and realtors, food and drinks producers, restaurants and luxury goods brands. Companies offering services in the financial services sectors, artists, concierges and hotels have also featured.


Advertisement sizes:

Each slot is rotated between 3 advertisers though exclusivity is available for the larger sized advertisements. Advertising slot sizes:


Footer advertisements: 217 pixels wide by 100 pixels high From £7500 pcm

Sidebar advertisements: 306 pixels by 192 pixels From £22,000 pcm

Large top banner advertisement: 734 pixels by 91 pixels From £16,000 pcm

Small top header advertisement: 222 pixels by 93 pixels From £9,000 pcm


All sizes are measured as width by height.


Classified advertising is also offered as a text only option or with photographs.


Accurate Pricing is available on request with slots available for a calendar month and longer periods.


Brand blogs:

The Steeple Times also offers brand owners the opportunity to build personality and target their audience through advertising feature brand blogs.


Sponsored comments:

Sponsored comments can be designed to interact with the user comments stream. This creates a social dialogue and effectively enables a brand to engage participation.


Submission and deadlines:

Advertising must be submitted sized as above in GIF/JPEG format.

Advertisements must be received at least two business days prior to launch date.


Advertisers have included:

André Lanauvre (international estate agents)

Rosanna Bankes (trompe l’oeil artist and sculptress)

Bespoke Hotels (a collection of 50 boutique hotels)

Blakes Hotel (the world’s first boutique hotel)

Hexagon Classics (classic car dealership)

Hyde Park Stables (London’s finest riding school)

Kaye & Carey (estate agents specialising in SW1, SW3 and SW7)

Kriss & Jules (jewellery and accessories)

The Pig (hotel and rooms in Brockenhurst, Hampshire)

Sette (Italian restaurant in Chelsea)

Edward Waites (sculptor)

Wetherell (Mayfair’s leading estate agents)


For more information and rates, please contact Jane at:


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