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Big Beast Banished After Brexit Balls-up

Theresa May has made an error in sacking ‘big beast’ Lord Heseltine as a government advisor; that she never bothered to meet him speaks volumes as to her management of her government


Yesterday, in spite of having never bothered to meet one of the Conservative Party’s most knowledgeable grandees, Theresa May stupidly sacked Lord Heseltine.


In 2013, Heseltine wisely warned David Cameron that an “in-or-out” referendum would be the wrong thing for the UK. He was ignored and in spite of what happened next, the former Prime Minister’s unelected replacement, Mrs May, subsequently ditched her support for “Remain” and threw her weight behind a still to this day meaningless concept: “Red, White and Blue Brexit”.


Yesterday, Heseltine, who had been advising the government on restoring deprived estates, plans for east London and was also a national infrastructure commissioner, commented:


“I heard nothing from Number 10, I’ve had no relationship with Number 10 since the new Prime Minister (Mrs May)”.


“But I’m not complaining, I was getting on with the job that I was doing. I’ve never met Theresa May and so I can’t make a judgment”.


“My preoccupation has been from the very beginning that I believe that the referendum result is the most disastrous peacetime result that we’ve seen in this country”.


Repeatedly lauded as: “The last of a generation that was not always admired but was, with very good reason, always heard”, Heseltine could have – in spite of their differences on matters European – have provided the vicar’s daughter with good advice on business, housing and the environment.


Theresa May has chosen a different course but today she should be reminded of the old adage that “all political careers end in failure”. With the big beast ‘Tarzan’ again left free to roam the Serengeti, this misguided woman would do well to keep her other enemies closest.



11 comments on “Big Beast Banished After Brexit Balls-up”

  1. Heseltinnnnneeee was a nuisance and Mrs May rightly fired him. He should stick to talking to his plants. They might actually want to listen to the old crock.

  2. You need to stop wasting time and concentrate on MAKING BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! Theresa May proved she was GREAT when she was first to be given an audience by Donald Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!! You leftists need to be locked up!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heseltine needs to be put out to grass or at least put in the loony pit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Too right. That’s the Mrs May who introduced punitive immigration rules which destroy respectable families and prevents spouses and children living together, and actually serves no purpose in saving money or reducing immigration figures. She is incompetent and unfit for the purpose. Once the UK refuses to pay it’s multi billion £ debt to EU in back payments it has treaty commitments to pay, we will see the ire of the EU nations expressed in puntitive trade agreements. She had a mandate to leave EU but not to tear anything else up. She is a daydreamer if she thinks anything positive can come out of all of it. Heseltine was right all along.

    1. Honest Guv
      I don’t want to seem rude but you do tend to shoot your mouth off without knowing what on earth you are talking about.
      Under international law we have no responsibility to repay phantom debts pulled out of a hat by Druncker and pals.
      As we are a major consumer of EU products from Germany and France it’s hardly likely that they will wish to engage in a trade war…there would be fairly pointless.
      As for your ludicrous point on immigration.
      No country in the world allows those illegally living in their countries to remain…and quite right too.

      1. My point over immigration rules has nothing to do with illegal immigrants. I am legally married for quite a few years. My family is English and has 5 generations of highly distinguished Army service and in a large part would not be the Army we know today without their contributions ( a number of historical figures and national heroes) . My wife is a retired academic and was chief librarian in Moscow State University Department of Asian Studies. I suggest you look up the law and immigration rules and understand the complexities. You obviously know nothing about them and I do. We do not want government money for her being here, and she is entitled to NHS services under International law and agreements. That is not free because the UK government submit bills for it to the various countries concerned.
        The UK has quite happily taken the EU grants and subsidies and has a Treaty commitment to pay the EU sums as a member and agreed to do so. The idea that we should default on the loans and fail to pay the EU money that is due, when leaving, is unacceptable. It would affect the UK credit rating and status in Global banking. We will not be at all popular.

        1. What on an earth has your family’s military history to do with anything, or indeed, the fact that your wife was a librarian in Russia: or, that you are legally married!
          I am sure that we are all frightfully impressed with all this information.
          Are you disputing my point that illegal immigrants be kicked out of the country?
          As for the supposed debts to the EU….well, let them substantiate them.
          I assume your major gripe is that your Russian wife does not enjoy settled status?

  4. Heseltine’s sell by date was back in the last century.
    Anyone who knows anything of his involvement with Haymarket knows he’s a man with any conception of loyalty.
    He is such a poseur with his attempt to play the Tory aristo.
    May treasures loyalty that’s why he had to go.
    Her mistake was not to chop him earlier.
    Never trust the Welsh….

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