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Sheel Khemka and Stylt Denim

A public alert regarding Sheel Khemka and Stylt Denim


In recent days an Old Harrovian named Sheel Khemka has been keeping himself busy on Facebook and via other forms of social media. He has highlighted his new business, Stylt Denim, and attempted to befriend various individuals connected to Matthew Steeples.


Today, we again alert readers to the fact that Khemka, creator of a brand named Lofli and the son of Dame Asha Khemka DBE, is to return to Croydon Crown Court on the 11th April to face a retrial in connection with an investigation by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.


Both Dame Asha and her daughter, Shalini Khemka, have also chosen to block The Steeple Times on Twitter. The truth, it seems, isn’t something they don’t want made public.



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13 comments on “Sheel Khemka and Stylt Denim”

  1. Well he’s obviously never heard of an honest days work for an honest days pay.
    I mean, over 50 closed directorships, and other dubious dealings.
    Were the alarm bells broken?
    The nice glass of Chardonnay could soon be replaced with warm Fanta, Cheers.


  2. His mother is beyond smug. She is ridiculous, pompous and obsessed with getting herself “in” with the likes of the royals, David Cameron and Tony Blair. Secretly they’re all laughing at her.

  3. Given he went to Harrow I’m guessing he’s used to a lot of fun in the showers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hah, hah, the above is evidence that Rod can come up with an apt and witty comment when he puts his mind to it.

    1. The house is plainly an example of something totally overpriced and given the noisy activities that went on there, it has very bad karma. His house parties were the talk of the locality as they were simply so awful.

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