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Calamity Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has rightly been slammed for not being able to manage his own finances


Jeremy Corbyn is a national disgrace and should not be put in charge of a bus ticket let alone a nation. He slept with Diane Julie Abbott and he supported the IRA; he protected paedophiles in Islington and now it has been revealed that he could not manage his own finances.


Does the public need to know any more about this bozo? He should immediately resign and let someone with an ounce of dignity become Her Majesty’s Leader of the Opposition.


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2 comments on “Calamity Corbyn”

  1. Where ever do we find these muppets? Surely to God we can find a better alternative to TM than this bloody clown. He should go somewhere quiet and fall on his sword. I’m no royalist, but I do feel sorry for her Maj when she has to meet these dickheads. Let’s get cracking and put the Great back into Great Britain again.

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