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Editorial comment from Matthew Steeples Our editor tells it like it is and he rarely minces his words

Calamity Corbyn

Kevin Maguire cites eight things Jeremy Corbyn must do to get into Downing Street; he utterly misses the point


In a column for The Mirror today, Kevin Maguire suggested eight points that would “get Labour into Downing Street”. Amongst the somewhat basic and perhaps delusional offerings in the “Maguire Map to Downing Street” were “unite” and form a “machine to match the movement”.


Maguire misses the point entirely. Labour under Corbyn is utterly unelectable and the re-appointment of this modern day Commie as the party’s leader is nothing but bad for democracy. Now, what will follow will be an even more divided opposition – only 20% of Labour’s MPs support Corbyn – and thus nobody will hold Theresa May’s government to account.


In time, Labour will likely split and their ‘moderate’ wing will defect and form a new centre left party with Liberal Democrats and Conservatives disaffected by May’s policies. For now, however, Calamity Corbyn will continue to selfishly derail what was once a vastly successful party and he will continue to embarrass Britain.



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