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Food, drink and fine dining The comings and goings of the culinary classes

Coya’s carnival

An evening of art, food and drinks at Coya captured by artist Maryam Hashemi


On Monday 15th February, Coya on Piccadilly in London and The Collective hosted an intimate dinner in their private room and commissioned the artist Maryam Hashemi to capture it.


Coya carnival
The evening was captured by artist Maryam Hashemi


Themed around the concept of Peruvian carnival ahead of a much larger event at the restaurant on Thursday 18th February, the evening was not only an opportunity for guests to meet and mingle, but also an occasion where the restaurant showcased some of its finest food and drinks.


We publish above the resulting artwork from the evening featuring amongst others Alexandre Santamaria and Sherene Lawrence of Coya, Marianne Magnin of The Cornelius Arts Foundation, Leah Benrimoj of PR firm Bacchus, creative director of womenswear brand Magenta Giovanna Velasquez and Matthew Steeples of The Steeple Times.



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