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Editorial comment from Matthew SteeplesOur editor tells it like it is and he rarely minces his words

Britain’s Most Incompetent Council

After a disastrous meeting last night, each and every Kensington and Chelsea councilor ought to resign; these incompetent halfwits are not fit for office


Last night in Kensington the ragbag of rodents that are the councilors of the Royal Borough gathered in the Town Hall in Hornton Street. They were deservedly met by angry members of the public yet showed their contempt for the very people that allow them to remain in office by completely ignoring requests “for equal treatment for rich and poor in [an] affluent borough” controlled by a bunch of money-motivated Tory incompetents. After a disastrous meeting, where those present branded several of them “murderers”, the meeting ended up being adjourned.


Sitting on reserves of £330 million whilst the victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy continue to suffer, these reprehensible individuals – including such polished turds (and I do not use that word lightly) as convicted racist peer Viscount St Davids’ one-time legal representative ‘Rinker The Stinker’ Cllr Andrew Rinker and Twitter pest Cllr Robert Freeman – continue to think they’re fit for office. They are not. For too long their dodgy regime has let through the most curious of planning decisions and it has only been because of the tenacity of such blogs as ‘From The Hornets Nest’ that the public have been alerted.


Every one and I do mean that – every single one – of the useless overpaid halfwits sitting on The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council must now resign and make way for individuals capable of dealing with the aftermath of the unnecessary deaths of at least 80 innocent individuals. Enough is enough and long-term campaigners with genuine knowledge of the locality such as Andrew Barshall and Ian Henderson should be urged to step forward instead.


Pictured above: New Tory council leader Elizabeth Campbell.



15 comments on “Britain’s Most Incompetent Council”

  1. What is wrong with you? Targettting hate at Viscount St Davids and Andrew Rinker is not on. They are both good, law abiding people and they have done no bad to anyone. I am so angry with you and your cruel minded followers. Time for some apologetics.

    1. Are you serious Stacey? Have you ever been bullied? Has anyone ever threatened to kill you on line? What if someone put up a comment on here and said “£5k to the first person to do you harm or kill you”….plus masses or other abuse …what would you think then? What is wrong with YOU? Viscount – lawabiding – is he is NOT dont be absurd. On the K&C subject the Council are not using their reserves properly hence Matthew’s comments.

  2. WTF?????????? The council should be respected and thanked for the good work it has done. These volunteers are doing good work to MAKE KENSINGTON GREAT AGAIN and you attack and mock them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shameful!!!!!!!!!! Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!! You are beneath the barrell and Teresa May should lock you up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Matthew – You are right and the From The Hornets Nest blog is spot on the mustard too. I admire whoever is behind it and I salute them and the bloggers from the Grenfell Tower for their work prior to the fire. If only they had been listened to. Mrs Campbell is probably well meaning but that council now needs some professionals rather than the amateurs it has been controlled by for so long. I fear we have similarly stupid people here in Westminster where we live and the planning department is just as corrupt.

  4. I love your use of the descriptions “rodents” and “Rinker the Stinker” and “Twitter pest” very much. I do not love the corrupt council. You are right. Shut it down and replace it.

  5. London has far too many borough councils. Our city will be much better run if we had fewer local authorities. New York is managed very well with only 5 borough councils!

  6. Oh, gosh, Rod, I’m sure Matthew is unaware of the good work you say the K&C Council has done. Perhaps you could enlighten us with a couple of examples.
    I, perhaps foolishly, because I live thousands of miles away, and Matthew actually lives in the district, chose to defer to his alleged greater knowledge. I am prepared to stand corrected. I await your examples.

  7. Spot on Matthew. Sack the whole damn lot of them, and also any staff who seem to be unable to cut the mustard. How long must we see the witterings of so called Stacey and Rod? There are going to be 80 odd manslaughter charges from this, you can be sure. The buck passing will stop and a lot more will come out, including I suspect, a whole dollop of corruption and back handers.

  8. Most councils are bloody useless, and it’s no different this side of the pond. They should do what we pay our rates for, collect the garbage and trim the grass. Sack the whole lot of them, and start again with fresh blood.

    1. Cllr Rinker and Freeman are the only two I’ve encountered. The first, Rinker, thought it appropriate to bombard me with messages about his convicted racist friend in spite of being his barrister at the time and my being a witness in the very same case. The second, Freeman, decided to pester me on Twitter about his chum Lady Borwick. He was truly pompous and both seem plainly out of touch with the sensible way to correspond with people – even those they may not like.

  9. Andrew Rinker is the tip of the iceberg. When it melts the true dirtiness of these corrupt councillors will be revealed.

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