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Editorial comment from Matthew Steeples Our editor tells it like it is and he rarely minces his words

The Distraction Technique

As JFK’s grandson suggests the “era of distraction” is sadly alive and well in America, Matthew Steeples highlights further examples in Britain


The ‘distraction technique’ is alive and well and being used widely in both Britain and America right now.


Examined by JFK’s grandson Jack Schlossberg in a brilliant article for Time this week in the context of Donald Trump’s decision to deflect from his own (and much deserved) woes by releasing files about the 1963 assassination, Britain is definitely in exactly the same state.


In spite of a nut backed by bigoted Breitbart barbarians being in control of the White House and an incompetent hectoring vicar’s daughter fooling around with Brexit in Britain, the news agenda focuses on triviality. This morning’s Mail Online bizarrely led with a truly irrelevant and personally motivated non-story about James Stunt – a private citizen who has never given a public interview and an individual whose life, frankly, does not interest anyone outside the confines of the bizarre bubble of Belgravia, Kensington and Chelsea – at a time when the media ought to be focusing on the ‘real story’ behind the appalling going-ons at Westminster and elsewhere.


Run in a fashion exactly akin to what Lord McAlpine described in his 1999 book, The New Machiavelli, this week we’ve had Sir Michael Fallon caving in and standing down because he touched someone’s knee. Then there’s There is plainly more to all of that but what is truly wrong in both supposed pillars of the Free World, and what Schlossberg rightly highlights, is that “newsworthy stories” mostly now contain little in the way of “newsworthy information.”


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9 comments on “The Distraction Technique”

  1. Just like Steeple Times did to Viscount St Davids then. Your motivated attack on an inncoent man Rhodri was just this and you could have gone after really bad apples but you didn’t did you? Instead you helped pluck a loving family man from the arms of his wife and child. You should pay and you will pay.

    1. Not you returning with bilge. Once again Matthew played no part in justice for a convicted abuser. Perhaps you hide and are also a Harris, and parents of Madeleine Mcann supporter as you sound the same .

  2. Well said. We all know where that Mail story came. Straight from the mouth of a poisonous dodgy little dwarf who should have just stuck to flogging rotten used cars.

  3. We all know Dirty Bern is under the thumb and doing as he’s told… Generate publicity for Tamara Ecclestone TV show and screw others. Bernie himself looks like his time is nearly up.

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