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Steven Berkoff – Actor, writer and producer

The Steeple Times is totally unique… It comes out daily and its content is bold, acerbic, a little bit naughty and sharp. There’s always something there that will not only surprise you but will also gratify you.

Basia Briggs – Owner, Hyde Park Stables

The Steeple Times gives a daily, incisive précis of the most important current events taking place in the world and does so with a healthy dose of humour too. Its editor is a writer who challenges pomposity and evil and seeks to expose those who attempt to conceal the truth.

Frankie Dettori MBE – Champion jockey

I’m always so busy but it is nice that I can take five minutes each day to look at some of the hidden and interesting stories you find in The Steeple Times.

Tracy Edwards OBE – Round the world sailor

The Steeple Times – A fascinating look at the world around us; often surprising and always right on topic.

Justin Fichelson – San Francisco realtor and star of Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Listing

The Steeples Times, and its eponymous editor, bring wit and wisdom on a daily basis. When I receive their emails my hand hovers momentarily before opening them, wondering who that day has been pulled apart or put on a pedestal. It’s London’s version of The Games of Thrones…. Whilst their property pages, mainly full of exquisite estates, are a satisfyingly frequent dose of perfect fantasy.

Josie Goodbody – Author and jewellery specialist

The Steeples Times, and its eponymous editor, bring wit and wisdom on a daily basis. When I receive their emails my hand hovers momentarily before opening them, wondering who that day has been pulled apart or put on a pedestal. It’s London’s version of The Games of Thrones…. Whilst their property pages, mainly full of exquisite estates, are a satisfyingly frequent dose of perfect fantasy.

Russ Kane – Writer and broadcaster, best known as the ‘Flying Eye’

The Steeple Times has its finger on the pulse of London like no other publication. It gets it. It instinctively understands what we need to know and what is irrelevant mere puffery spewed out by the media machine of desperate PRs and wannabes. More importantly it is courageous. It names and shames those who hide behind expensive lawyers and veiled threats. Under its fearless co-founder and editor, Matthew Steeples, it exposes the tricksters, the fraudsters, the gimlet-eyed social climbers and the plain old fashioned crooks of our city. I read it every day with relish. Never boring; always provocative and interesting: Long live The Steeple Times.

Arfi Lamba – Actor and producer

The Steeple Times, for me, is blunt, honest and doesn’t mince its words. It is laced with wit, humour and compassion and in a time when everything is turning into ‘yellow journalism’, I like the direction it takes.

Iqbal Latif – Entrepreneur and hotel developer

Slick, informative and keeping up with the trends, The Steeple Times is a publication designed for the modern world with its sharp conciseness – a one-stop shop for national and international stories of interest.

Zain Latif – Financier and principal, TLG Capital

A no spin zone, The Steeple Times stands up with the best of British publications with its incisive and factual reporting.

Jon Levy, Behaviour expert, consultant, writer and speaker

The Steeple Times is that essential place that can both enlighten and entertain. It ensures I am informed while also having something fun to talk about at a cocktail party.

Lady Lucan – Champion shot and founder, Fie’s Club

The Steeple Times is a short, upbeat yet fantastically different news provider about what’s what and who’s who. It’s punchy, funny and doesn’t waste time.

Marianne Magnin – Art curator

The Steeple Times – Wit and snap on with read to quirky news. Courageous and guided by integrity on serious news, I make it my daily must read.

Gina Miller – Financier and philanthropist, founding partner, SCM Group

The Steeple Times manages to combine crafted editorial style, entertaining content and breaking news in a unique style that engages the reader, as well as firing controversy.

Halsey Minor – Tech entrepreneur, founder, CNET (sold to CBS for $1.8 billion) and chairman, Uphold

For me The Steeple Times is a British equivalent of The Huffington Post, full of edge and dynamism.  It’s never afraid to expose the absurd, and always gives its readers a point of view they won’t find anywhere else.

Kate Mulvey – Author and journalist, Daily Mail and The Times

The Steeple Times for me is like a British New Yorker. It’s a paper about the beautiful people but also about the ones who’ve got opinions. It is a Zeitgeist and is a cut above the rest.

Fernando Nogueira – International businessman

The Steeple Times – An acronym for Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, Political, Legal and Ethical original points of view.

Su-Lin Ong – PR, marketing and alcohol specialist

When The Steeple Times pops into your inbox, you know it’s going to have some irresistibly fresh news in it. It’s a very with-it, cheeky read – full of the local intel around the city, and certainly not timid to spark up a story.

Alexis Parr – Journalist, Daily Mail

The Steeple Times has that rare talent for being constantly fun and controversial. You may not agree with all its musings, but it’s a social diary worth watching.

Mark Pritchard MP – Voted in London’s top 1,000 Most Influential People; Chairman, Parliamentary Group on Tourism, Hotels & Leisure

There are many contenders and pretenders who make claim to know what’s going on in London and to be ‘in’ with the movers and shakers in the world of arts, theatre, music, business and politics, but Matthew Steeples actually does know what is going on. He knows everybody from movie stars to doorkeepers and is better connected than the best connected people I know.

Henry Pryor – Property market commentator and buying agent

When I really want to know what the story is, I read The Steeple Times. Bold, boastful and beautiful, it’s like slipping on my ego each day freshly pressed from the dry cleaners and I love it.

John Stoddart – Photographer to the stars

What I like about The Steeple Times is that it manages to combine hard news with news of the glamorous set (or people who think they are). How the editor meets so many interesting people and so many odd balls in a week is simply amazing.

Amir Zada – Financier and managing director, Exotix

As a Brit living in NYC, The Steeple Times allows me to keep abreast of certain matters back in home in the UK. It has humour with depth and opinions with levity. It’s the best of both worlds. Similar to being a Brit in NYC really.