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The pointless and the pathetic

Eva Harold

Eva HaroldWith a habit for ranting about those who expose her antics in Waitrose Kings Road to anyone who’ll listen, Eva Harold is renowned for sharing her toxic views on immigrants via Facebook. Also rather partial to champagne but firmly anti Sol Campbell, this party loving sort is not on Britain’s most invited list but somehow still gets in. Tolerate her at your peril but be sure not to encounter her on a bus.



50 comments on “Eva Harold”

    1. She likes freezers too I heard. There was an incident involving her being seen next to one in someone’s house in the country. Champagne was involved.

    1. One assumes one is Prince Charles: why otherwise would she wish to have a picture of you in Waitrose unless one is expecting one’s Duchy stuff

      1. I wish. I’m lacking an Aston Martin and an estate in Gloucestershire. I’d ask Eva Harold to help out with the funding of such but she’s too busy necking the bubbly I hear.

  1. Does she support Find Madeleine. Dear Gerry and Kate McCann need all the help they can get to find their beloved daughter and perhaps if Eva were to “rant” about that then she might find herself in a better place. If Eva loves parties so much, please can she host a party to raise funds for Find Madeleine?

    1. Ms Trott, Over a million pounds have already been raised for the Fund, but the Fund to which you unceasingly attempt to shame people into donating,, has spent only 13% on search activities, the rest going to “Management” The Fund website has had over a billion hits. I would say there is substantial awareness by now, but there are never too many opportunities to profit from the Fund’s merchanising program. The irony is that Madeleine, if she were alive today, would by 12 years old, just about the time many of her chums want to run AWAY from home. The facts in this case make me cynical. If I am being too cynical, I apologize.

  2. Brilliant Rod! Replacement stove glass….Eva Harold. At least she has a stove named after her, even if she is not welcome in polite society. I think the apology stage to Mr Matthew Steeples has left her now.

  3. Erm, don’t know much about this person, but she was beaten and seriously injured by a group of black school-girls, on and off a bus – and SHE’S a racist ?? I don’t get it. Apart from being, apparently, personally obnoxious generally – why that kind of incident ?

    1. Nobody’s called her “racist” here mate!!! She is just very negative about gypsies, the homeless and Sol Campbell. It’s not nice and it’s not right!!!!!!!!

        1. You think it right that she says such things? I certainly don’t. She should apologise to Sol Campbell and his wife and she should apologise to me. She has not done so yet and hasn’t even had the courtesy to reply to my emails. That is why I’ve featured her. Shame on Eva Harold.

          1. Perhaps we’re missing the point here. If she was Hitler”s daughter, the act of a mass assault against her with injuries, is, wrong. If she was/is a Bitch on Wheels, it’s wrong. If she doesn’t answer e mails, if she insults and degrades, if she is a BAD PERSON…. it’s still wrong to beat her up and put her in fear of her life……ask a Policeman.

  4. I am sorry she took a beating but she should be forgiving instead of angry. Ranting in Waitrose will get nobody nowhere.

    1. I’m sorry but what could you possibly mean by that, “she should be forgiving” ?? Forget all about Waitrose,etc., – here is a person seriously assaulted,by a group of people, no matter WHO or WHAT she is, and hospitalised. So – forgive all that ? Is she really that evil ?

      1. She may have been assaulted but that does not give her the right to be so bigoted towards black people in general and Sol Campbell in particular. If she had been attacked by white people, it would be just as bad. The colour of the attacker has no relation to this matter. What I object to is her conduct at events I have been involved in (and those of her sidekicks also) and the fact that she has said such appalling things about a good man.

  5. I deleted her from my Facebook because I got sick of her posting photos of clippings she’d taken from the Daily Mail. That she reads that rag got my goat.

  6. I banned her years ago. Tawdry and tacky and a big mouth also. Always “ranting” as people keep pointing out.

  7. Spotted her at Ascot yesterday!!!!!!!! Standards have slipped. How the hell did she get into the Royal Enclosure? Divorced women used to be banned (not saying that was right) but she’s hardly got the credentials I’d say!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I caught her taking pictures of innocent cyclists. She is an effing pest and a f***ing busybody. Her moral compass is somewhere south of Basra. Stupid f***ing b***h.

      1. She can be a trial. She sat in the next door seat on a flight to Cuba, almost ten years ago now. I said I had not gone to bed the night before i.e. zero sleep as was busy organising innumerable things so I was hoping to sleep on the aeroplane. She continued to gibber on to me the *whole* flight without a pause for breath about her errant neighbour who did bad things to her garden.
        When there, she fell on rocks and ended up being wheeled around in a wheelchair by a nurse.
        I don’t enjoy joining in on anyone’s demise but you chaps have to laugh at me for being stuck for nine hours and strapped in !
        I have the same problem as Charles whatsmore. Dear oh dear.

  9. She make me want to vomit!! I hide when I see her at parties. Well done for alerting the world to this bike hater.

  10. With the party season back in full flow I hear the rabid beast is causing havoc everywhere……… She should be banished from all of them.

  11. I remember her getting thrown out at the door by Elizabeth Rossellini whose party it was . Eva argued insolently but was chucked out in disgrace and everyone who saw it had a similar story of her pushy greedy behaviour. If ever she is invited to a party officially it only happens once and then people strike her off their guest list realizing their mistake as she is so boring and looks like a cleaning woman.

  12. I’ve seen her at parties and she is very scary to look at. She spoke to me once and I had to eventually turn away. A nasty nutter.

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