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Failing Grayling

Transport secretary Chris Grayling has yet again messed up and with news that he has botched the Brexit ferry deal, he must go


“Deeply odd” Chris Grayling MP just cannot get anything right. Rightly branded a “bungling fool,” that this nitwit has effectively handed Eurotunnel £33 million and Seaborne Freight £14 million for doing nothing is an outrage.


A man whose prior ‘fails’ have included banning books for prisoners and causing chaos with rail timetables, Grayling is undoubtedly one of Theresa May’s worst appointments. He genuinely is a disaster area and he truly must go before he administers any more damage.




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3 comments on “Failing Grayling”

  1. The Seaborne contract looks like it was a setup for fraud since Arklow Shipping deny that they were ever involved as stake holder. No doubt some people had high hopes of substantial renumerations from such a company.
    What a mess that has proved to be. Add that £33 M to the Brexit Bill.

  2. Well, it doesn’t really matter does it, it’s only Tax payers money going down the toilet. Crap like this will continue until we decide to make these incompetent idiots accountable. In private enterprise, these morons wouldn’t last 5 minutes, and in some cases would be charged with misappropriation of tax payer funds.

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