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Editorial comment from Matthew Steeples Our editor tells it like it is and he rarely minces his words

Merry Christmas

Wishing readers a very merry Christmas


2016 has been a year that many would rather forget. With Donald Trump elected in America and a foolish referendum successful in Britain, we are not in the best of shape.


We’ve witnessed carnage in France and Germany and the atrocities in Aleppo bring us to realise the brutal reality of how evil humankind can truly be. On the home front, that the worst Home Secretary in history Theresa May ended up Prime Minister and that bumbling Boris Johnson was made Foreign Secretary (thanks in the main to his wife but there’s a story for another day) would be laughable if it weren’t so awful. Sir Elton John and his titleless husband showed their oiliness and that Sir Cliff Richard was able to orchestrate the advice of Lord McAlpine alarmed those in the know. Here was a year where the angry man rose to the fore and here was a year where convoy loving James Stunt got a petrol bomb chucked in his garden in Chelsea.


On a more positive note, the Queen illustrated her endearing spirit as ever and Prince Charles showed courage in speaking out against intolerance. He was unsurprisingly criticised by the Daily Mail and our good friend Gina Miller got much worse, but remember this dear friends, 2017 will be the year when good men should reverse Edmund Burke’s complaint about doing nothing. It is time to stand up and be counted.


With all good wishes and cheer,


Matthew Steeples and all at The Steeple Times



4 comments on “Merry Christmas”

  1. Wishing Matthew Steeples and Co.
    a Merry Christmas !
    Thank you for 2016.
    Here’s to a very
    Healthy, Wealthy and HAPPY
    New Year !

  2. Or to provide an alternative view, the man on the street woke up from his slumber and realised a pernicious globalist movement powered by faceless elites have been hijacking a purely trading entity of the EC into a worryingly indemocratic mission to create a one world government starting with the federalist EU when dissenting voices are crushed and individual rights are exchanging in favour of ‘the project’ which in real terms is the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan to flood the world with less critical , more controllable third world ‘migrants’ that will become a new generation of slaves for their banker and elitist masters whilst the troublesome rights aware ethnic Europeans will be gradually wiped out to the pleasure of their stateless masters . What is happening in Germany will happen across Europe if left unchallenged . As we saw in USA the same people desperately trying to break every democratic convention and law to ensure their puppet Clinton would continue the mission in that territory failed due to the rise of the people – a worrying agenda only for people who feel they are in some way superior to ‘the man on the street’ which is exactly why these are good things . The days of a pseudo feudal society run by undemocratic and low level humans such as George Soros and his Khazarian mafia friends are coming to an end and it’s time Europe’s people and the rest of our territories rose up against blatant abuse such as press and police subversion in Germany to prevent the project from being affected at all cost to the extent where violent crimes against its citizens are being allowed and worse covered up to not implicate the guilty just because they are migrants invited to destabilise Europe . That is the true crime and any who supports it is complicit in their own destruction . Happy New World .

  3. I am hoping 2017 is a positive year. Rolf Harris meets more justice. We discover who killed Madeline Mcann, but we know already I suspect. That last will indicate good men succeed in spite of rumours. Stand up and be counted

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