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A Stunted Speech

James Stunt filmed in a dressing gown ranting about Bernie Ecclestone and Viscount Rothermere at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower; the footage was released on YouTube


Yesterday, James Stunt took to social media to share his personal perspective on his impending divorce, his estranged wife, his father-in-law, his deceased brother, the Daily Mail, the Mail on Sunday and countless others. He was anything but discreet, let rip about those he blames for his current predicament and then released the clips via someone named Gabriel Lakwera on YouTube.


Stunt, perched on a chair in a dressing gown at Knightsbridge’s Jumeriah Carlton Tower hotel, began:


“It is extremely sad for me that again I’ve had to bring my privacy and go on YouTube to discuss certain situations… Every day, especially in the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday, such paralithic lies, all perpetrated by an evil dwarf named Bernie Ecclestone. Probably one of the greatest liars in the world’s history… Anyway, I wonder why he’s not Sir Bernie.”


The convoy loving car enthusiast then continued for a further 38 minutes in total and excerpts of his rambling diatribe follow. With regard to his relationships with his wife, children and sister-in-law, he remarked:


“I have been traumatised by meeting a family that are like a cross between the Kardashians and the Mansons… These are evil mind bending people.”


“It’s very hard for me to discuss this as my wife is such an amazing person and I love her dearly and I love all three of my children very much. My relationship with Tamara… It has soured very much, it has not been great… But she’s a victim of her parents really warped relationship.”


On his father-in-law, Bernie Ecclestone, he was especially specific:


“A mixture of The Hobbit and The Grinch… Fake old tough guy, Bernie – He was a battered husband… Dirty old Bernie… You cannot be Al Capone one minute and the next, old, frail Bernie. He goes round the world like he’s John Gotti, not me. And then he acts likes he’s all frail… He’s got Putin on speed dial, it’s pretty crazy… He’s only 2-foot. Poor little midget.”


“Money laundering, filthy second hand car dealer… There’s probably a washing machine going on. Let’s face it, not much tax paid by him. And charity, don’t think he’s even bought a poppy in his life.”


On his own personal financial situation, Stunt remarked:


“I am very, very, very comfortable with knowing what I’ve got in the bank and not knowing what I’ve got in the bank. I’ve never once claimed to be a billionaire. I’ve never not once claimed not to be a billionaire. I’ve never encouraged it.”


After commenting that he “doesn’t want a trial in the gutter press,” regarding allegations about having been arrested after a domestic incident at the couple’s Chelsea home, he added:


“My wife has never called the police to come and liberate her from me… There was one situation where my wife was forced to lie by Fiona Shackleton.”


“I’d never struck a woman. I have had some heated arguments with my wife… The most I’ve done is a gentle little push. I’ve never left a mark. I’d never slap about my wife… But things happen.”


Mr Stunt then took issue with the Daily Mail and suggested “It looks like [they] work for Bernie” and even went as far as to challenge Viscount Rothermere to sue him. He continued: “I don’t want this abortion of a divorce. My wife doesn’t want to divorce, but she’s been Jim Jones-ed by father” before returning to rant about the father-in-law he plainly so loathes:


“Unlike Bernie I’m not a CIA grass. I challenge Bernie to sue me… Let’s get into a courtroom so I can say whatever I want about [his] illegal activities. When they hear [tapes] played in court, the public are going to vomit in their mouths.”


“They call me deranged, wannabe John Gotti, a gangster… I am not a gangster. I am nowhere near cool or clever enough. Do I know any figures in organized crime? Alleged ones? Yes… But Bernie, hangs out with the Krays. He’s friends with these people. This guy is worse than John Gotti. He thinks he’s Al Capone.”


“I challenge that family to beat my polygraph… Mine’s going to go straight.”


Turning to an allegation made about his sexuality, he stated:


“I’m not just gay by the way, which to the gay community is probably an insult because they probably think anyone as badly dressed as me couldn’t possibly be gay. But if I was gay I’d be very proud.”


Finally, of his reasoning for making the two video clips, Stunt concluded:


“This video my Scientologist and Jim Jones-ed wife, shes drunk the cool aid… My poor beautiful darling wife is probably going to dislike me even more for this [YouTube video].”


“This is actually beneath me… The public must think I am the most horrific human being in the world.”





20 comments on “A Stunted Speech”

    1. Evans, a cursory check reveals that you are a bit of a nobody and that might account for the use of the Hon….very sad….

  1. Oh, James, shut up and get yourself a crisis management consultant. You most certainly need one if you want to come out of this with your sanity intact and with access to your children.

  2. Why does he feel he has to air all this on Utube for god’s sake. I think he’s suffering from some sort of mental breakdown. Probably comes from never having done a day’s work in his life.

  3. You have been very fair to share his story and I think he comes across better than one would expect. The lot of them sound utterly f***ed up by money. What a sad waste and how pathetic. They all need to take stock and realise what they’ve actually got and stop squabbling and make the most of their good fortunes.

  4. James seems flash and I like it and why not! If that’s him personality so what! Some people can only dream to be in this position and jealousy plays a big part of it.
    It seems that he has some terrible stuff ready to unleash at some named people a drop!
    I feel that he is honest and he is using the Youtube platform to explain and clear himself.

    I think and feel that he is sincere in the video or at least he comes across that way.

    Remember the media is controlled and extremely powerful in creating or destroying a person!

    I like James and feel sorry for him. Only he and his wife knows the truth!

    So leave him alone!

  5. A vivid personality. A good Chelsea vocal delivery and some witty verbals. Would make an excellent one act play. Try the Royal Court. It’s right up their street.

  6. I am waiting for Yolanda, our resident ‘property professional’ to advise on his accommodation needs

  7. I don’t why you brought your family privacy issue to YouTube to proof your innocent in all the allegations but sometimes we need to forget about what people are saying about us.

  8. It amazes me to see people criticizing someone based on just allegation without trying to hear the truth.

  9. You made the right decision by removing the YouTube video because there are things that should be private.

  10. No matter whatever you do in this world, people must talk. Forget about what people are saying and do the right thing.

  11. Whoever followed this issue closely will definitely understand that Bernie Ecclestone is a crises instigator.

  12. Daily Mail has never been a reliable news source and the public should ignore whatever they are publishing.

  13. Some media outlets like The Sun have been bought over and paid to write all different kind of outrageous make up stories.

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