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A toxic trio

Right-wing ranter Elizabeth Jones takes to social media to defend party crasher David Pun


Not content with being criticised for making angry outbursts on the radio, ranting right-winger and one-time UKIP candidate Elizabeth Jones took to social media this week to leap to the defence of London’s leading party crasher, David Pun.


A toxic trio - Elizabeth Jones, David Pun and Eva Harold
A toxic trio – Elizabeth Jones took to Facebook this week to support David Pun and shared an image of herself with Pun and Eva Harold


On Facebook, Jones is pictured at the Erarta Galleries with Pun and Eva Harold, another party loving sort who has taken to calling people to complain that our editor, Matthew Steeples, has “ruined her reputation” and ability to attend events. In her calls, Miss Harold neglects to mention that a photograph and description of her actually feature on a list shared by London’s leading art galleries that has been seen by The Steeple Times.


Accompanying Jones’ post is the caption: “The Pun-love him or loathe him he always has time for one’s concerns unlike many of his toxic haters”. Comments beneath the article number “David Pun is nice” from one Misha Mehrsun and “great guy” from someone called Alexander van Terheyden. Here, instead, we’d argue, is simply a toxic trio who are welcome to one another: Allow them into your event at your peril.



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32 comments on “A toxic trio”

  1. Nothing worse than this kind of ligger. I’d like to see any of this mob try to get into anything I’m involved with!

    1. Well said. Eva Harold is a right old boiler and she deserved this expose. She is always appearing at events and often the hosts ask how she came to be there. I’ve never met the other two but if they are prepared to let that silly woman be in a picture with them, they frankly deserve to be banned also.

  2. Elizabeth Jones is known as “Farage’s babe”. Eva Harold is known for her love of champagne (free). David Pun is known for his love of canapés (free). What does this say of them?

  3. You’ve made great enemies in this lot Steeple Times…………… The Trio of Trash!!!!!!!! Crap people if ever I saw anything such.

  4. Eva will do anything for a glass of champagne and anything to get a photo. I had to shoe her away from me once as she was insisting we get a picture together. I am a private person and do not want to be associated with her appallingly bad behaviour.

  5. It is time that the three of them and others like Tatiana Giraud and Denis Doble apologized for their ligging. They should organise a party at their expense and invite all those whose hospitality they’ve abused. Of course they won’t.

    1. I have plenty of good things to say. I just have nothing good to say about this lot. They have to be stopped. They have caused enough havoc and it is time they stopped taking what they are not entitled to.

    1. Though Elizabeth Jones and David Pun were annoying from day one, Eva Harold was given many chances and welcomed on occasion. She went too far in her antics and the comments she made about Sol Campbell were extremely offensive. Her conduct at La Brasserie’s cocktail competition event was frowned upon by many present and frankly, after that, she well and truly blotted her copybook by telephoning people complaining about me. She should not have done such a thing especially given it was not me who featured her first but instead a gatecrasher listing website. Her name appears on the list shared by the galleries along with a photograph and given that the galleries did not list individuals without evidence, she has only her silly self to blame. I have banned her from all events I am involved in and hereby give her fair warning of such.

    1. I don’t doubt Miss Harold has redeeming qualities but having repeatedly telephoned people blaming me for her self-induced predicament, she really has only herself to blame. Her comments about Sol Campbell were unacceptable in my view also.

    2. I agree with you Glenmore. Eva comes across as a little wacky but she’s always been nice to me and I quite enjoyed chatting with her. What was she thinking in being pictured with David Pun? It’s the surefire way to portray yourself as a crasher too. Eva, dear Eva, if you read this please start THINKING before SNAPPING.

      1. She gets photographed with London’s leading ligger and a right-wing UKIP candidate and thinks it acceptable… Shows her moral compass… But in attacking Sol Campbell she went too far. Far too far. She claimed she’s “no racist” after the 2000 bus incident but her nasty posts about the homeless also show her for what she is. Intolerance has no place in polite society and I support those who call for her to be banned from all events.

    3. Eva is a bloody pain in the arse Glenmore. I like your views very much and respect you but seriously, I’ve seen her and that blonde sidekick of hers quaffing champagne and it ain’t pleasant. Get some glasses chum!!!!!!!

  6. Have you guys got nothing better to do than gossip about who said what months ago at a party – Let people decide for themselves who they want to invite or exclude. Don’t be a social bully.

    1. It’s nothing to do with “who said what” but in fact is about people like Pun gatecrashing events he is NOT invited to and then taking items and food and drink he is not entitled to. He gatecrashed my event in January with such people as Denis Doble and Tatiana Giraud and I now very happy to support their being as widely named and shamed as is possible.

    2. Eva Harold was spotted at a party I went to recently in Mayfair’s Hay Hill arguing with a door person. She cannot even do that discreetly. This loudmouth should hold her head in shame for what she said about Sol Campbell. He had money before he met his delectable wife and that Mrs Harold thinks it appropriate to attack the campaign to encourage racial minorities to vote shows her for what she is. I agree with those who call for her to be banned from events.

    3. If you like Eva Harold, you must be off your rocker! She is a ligger and I’ve barred her from my events. Even if she paid, she would not be welcome.

  7. I Googled Eva Harold after reading her sickening comments about Sol Campbell and found an article about racism on a bus from The Telegraph. I need not say anything else but I can tell you one thing, she is henceforth banned from all parties held in my showrooms.

  8. I am sick of Eva Harold coming to events my firm hosts. We did not know how she got in and now we will be banning her from everything we organise. Well done to The Steeple Times for highlighting the antics of this specimen.

  9. Did you know that an Eva Harold is a brand of stove? Mark Ludmon of Bar Magazine mentioned as much on Facebook. So now, we can rename her “The Stove” or as another person told me, “The Boiler”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Just seen the message you sent to her Matthew. As a gallery owner who received the circulated list, I confirm she is on it along with a photograph. She does appear at gallery openings but she has never bought from my gallery. I put on good wine and nibbles when I show the works of my artists and David Pun and his merry crew always try and get in despite not being on any invitation list my staff send information to. It has become a true nuisance and if Eva Harold had any decency, she would only go to places where she actually wants to buy something. I appreciate the good work The Steeple Times does in featuring art and culture and though I would rather read about that, it is right the liggers of London are exposed and banished.

  11. You should have printed her full comment on Sol Campbell here also. It is a disgrace. It reads: “”Wtf? So white people blackening their faces is racist, black personing whitening is not? Where is the outrage? This millionaire footballer, who is married to a white woman, sees racism around ever corner!” Having seen this now, it is time that she put a sock in it. The Diva (as she’s been christened – love it!) has done enough damage and should apologise. Come on Eva! Put it right and we’ll all forgive and forget.

  12. I am very disappointed in Eva Harold. She must have lost her mind. I liked her but I will not forgive anyone who gets photographed with David Pun. He came to my event and drank my champagne and when he was asked to leave (as he was not invited), he got very aggressive. Eva Harold has plainly lost her brain.

    1. What brain? A woman with a brain would not say what Eva Harold does about homeless people. I blocked her on Facebook after reading her cruel remarks about immigrants also.

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