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Arrivals and Departures of 2015

Remembering those who arrived and those who departed in 2015


As 2015 comes to an end, we remember some of the notable arrivals and departures of the year. Amongst them are:


Arrival: HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

Arrivals and departures 2015Fourth in line to the throne, Princess Charlotte was born on 2nd May. She was delivered by the surgeon-gynaecologist Alan Farthing, whose wife-to-be, the television presenter Jill Dando, was murdered on her doorstep in 1999.


Departure: Daniel Topolski

Arrivals and departures 2015Daniel Topolski was a great man, a champion rower and is celebrated for having a presence that “dominated the Boat Race”. We picture him with his constant companion Basia Briggs and, forever more, his reassuring voice will be missed by many. He died on 21st February.


Departure: Harry Hyams

Arrivals and departures 2015Hendon born Harry Hyams kept Centrepoint empty for years and was known as “the daddy of developers”. He was “intensely private” but prone to purchasing luxury items such as the Shemara, a yacht made famous by its owner Lady Docker’s extravagant antics.


Departure: Ena Baxter

Arrivals and departures 2015“Born to make soup”, Ena Baxter turned her husband’s family business into an empire. She died on 15th January aged 90.


Departure: Sir Peter O’Sullevan

Arrivals and departures 2015Aged 97, “The Voice of Racing” Sir Peter O’Sullevan passed away on 29th July. He was the BBC’s leading horse racing commentator from 1947 to 1997 and a regular at Chelsea restaurants including La Brasserie and the now defunct Elistano.



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6 comments on “Arrivals and Departures of 2015”

  1. Grand choices and a good contrast to those of The Times, etc. who missed out Harry Hyams for starters in their business list yesterday.

  2. Another perceptive, well-considered post from the dullard down below. I see the number of his exclamation points has increased. Presumably, after five words, his vocabulary is exhausted and he has to resort to his usual gibberish. What a gallah.

  3. Incidentally. Why doesn’t he respond to Peter Wayde’s three questions posted under the “The Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge” item?

  4. Rod
    You are so dreary…..Does it not embarrass you to be the subject of ridicule?
    Glenmore is spot on….you are a dullard.

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