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At The Queen’s Pleasure

Convicted Old Harrovian fraudster Sheel Khemka’s mother, Dame Asha Khemka, made Deputy Lieutenant of Staffordshire in spite of her son’s conviction for stealing from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs


Dame Asha Khemka OBE, DBE, the mother of the jailed VAT fraudster and all round rotter, Old Harrovian crook Sheel Khemka, has added another set of letters to her name and been appointed a Deputy Lord Lieutenant (DL) of Staffordshire.


Of her appointment as a representative of the Queen in the county, shameless Dame Asha – a woman who, when confronted by Matthew Steeples of The Steeple Times, showed not a jot of regret about her son’s crimes – told the Burton Mail:


“As a long-standing resident, I am proud and humbled to be asked to represent the Staffordshire Lieutenancy and serve the place where I have lived for almost 20 years. It is a huge honour to be appointed as a Deputy Lieutenant of the county that I love so much”.


“Staffordshire is blessed to have many hard-working individuals and dedicated groups and charities that make up the very fabric of our communities, and a plethora of fantastic businesses that contribute enormously to our economic prosperity”.


“I am relishing the opportunity to meet many of these in an official capacity and make my own personal contribution to this unique and wonderful county. For me, there will be no greater honour and privilege”.


More is the pity that Dame Asha could not instill the same ethics of hard-work and decency in her very own son; one’s now at Her Majesty’s pleasure, the other’s now Her Majesty’s rep.





16 comments on “At The Queen’s Pleasure”

  1. We won’t be welcoming Dame Ash down under!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dog family!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Filth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock them up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock them all up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dog family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Khemkas are a family motivated by community position. Dame Asha Khemka failed however to instil such in her workshy son. I surprised that those advising Her Majesty The Queen did not do a background check. They should, surely, have waited until, at least her son — who after all defrauded Her Majesty’s Exchequeur — to allow mummy her next day in the limelight.

  3. I am a pensioner and I am shocked that the state would reward Asha Khemka with all these honours whilst her son is in prison still and he has as of yet (from what I recall) still has not fully covered the cost of the Proceeds of Crime Act (and probably never will). What is wrong with this country? Sickening and wrong.

  4. There is no correlation between one and the other. It is not Dame Asha’s fault and it is cruel of anyone to suggest otherwise. She didn’t know what her son was doing and she didn’t condone it. I know many are upset with Sheel but leave his mum out of it! It is not for people like us to judge.

    1. Are you the same Debs that ran a dating agency for “people like us” that went to public schools? We should be told.

  5. This kind of racism has no place in Britain. Dame Asha Khemka has served her community and her son was wrongly convicted. He will hopefully win on appeal.

    1. Are you his mate and fellow pain in the ass Rob Kele of Gloucestershire? We all know about what the pair of you got up to with girls if you are.

  6. Dame Asha may not be responsible for her son’s criminal actions , may be she did not know, may be she did not care to know, but what she should at least do if she was honorable is to pay back the son’s debts and costs . This should have been an implicit condition before such official appointment. Sad to see British Institutions going down .

  7. No doubt when he gets out Khemka will be partying with his Glossie Possie. I wonder if that horror from Cheshire Rupert James will be amongst those welcoming him.

    1. No, but every mother thinks their son is innocent, no matter what they do.
      The whole thing is just a bloody joke, and the only thing that keeps me from going crazy is, I believe in karma..

  8. At Harrow, Khemka would say his parents were Maharajah’s throwing gold coins from their Rolls Royce. In reality very humble, came from nowhere, hard working nhs gp. Very low class. Both Sheel and Sneh on full scholarship. Mrs Khemka famous for stuffing house sandwiches in her handbag on Speech Day at House Tea. She was a wrong un, both her sons wronguns. Sister and father pleasant. Mother and sons bad eggs. Hope Sheel learns a good lesson every night while bitting the pillow. He also got fired from Oxford for cheating. Real scumbag.

    1. We all remember in West Acre, on Speech Day at Harrow, Mrs Khemka stuffing sandwiches and scones into her hand bag. The whole house laughed about it. She set the bar for what a bottom feeder is. She resembled a cleaner and hoover at the same time.

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