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Banishing bigotry

An image of the convicted racist Baroness Marie-Claire von Alvensleben and party loving sort and Facebook ranter Eva Harold together provides a reminder that bigots should be permanently banished from polite society


Baroness Marie-Claire von Alvensleben was convicted and received a six week jail sentence for racism in 2014 whilst Eva Harold is as well known on London’s social scene for her offensive remarks about the homeless, Muslims and cyclists as she is for her love of free champagne. That this duo opted to be pictured together in not therefore surprising but that Miss Harold then shared this on Facebook shows her to be nothing other than shameless.


Banishing bigotry - Admit Baroness Marie-Claire von Alvensleben and Eva Harold to your event at your peril
Banishing bigotry – Admit Baroness Marie-Claire von Alvensleben and Eva Harold to your event at your peril


Tolerance is amongst what makes London an attractive place to people from all cultures and backgrounds and the reason we share this image is to remind readers that bigots sadly do still exist in the upper echelons of our city: Allow this vile pair entry to your events at your peril.



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17 comments on “Banishing bigotry”

  1. Steeple Times these days is more like Bravo Girl. It used to be a decent news source. I’m so tired of seeing who criticised cyclists

  2. One would really in the interests of fairness ask how many minorities (if that is not offensive to use) been prosecuted let alone jailed for racism?
    As far as I know the number would be very very low if any at all. You certainly don’t see it in the mms or on cute little internet news bites!

  3. I think London has become far too tolerant. i agree that there in no place for racism however posting this article on a day like today 7/7, frankly is very very silly.

      1. maybe Matthew…. it all depends if tolerance actually hurts people or not… and sometimes it does….. i agree the 2 ladies are wrong but tolerance is not something that should be celebrated everyday….. you may not remember but we were all at dinner together on the night she misbehaved !!!

  4. Both of them should be locked up. They are such nuisances and so loud. Eva Harold cannot keep her gob shut for even one second. Marie-Clare is always waving her fingers around too. Rude bigots.

  5. Thankfully, I have never crossed paths with these mental and social cripples !!! Curiously, the Almanach de Gotha has no mention of the harridan, Marie-Claire………….

  6. Matthew….should your readers be conversant with Uncle Matthew of Mitford fame; I feel that Uncle Matthew would have referred to these folk as ‘ sewers ‘

    I have had my lawyers look at this Post – before Posting – and they all agree that referring to them as sewers is bloody dangerous as ‘ The greater the truth; the greater the libel ‘……… but what the hell eh Matthew?

  7. I have never heard of a man or woman of a different race getting nicked or jailed for being a racist in the UK! And as most Britons know there is quite a few of them in the UK. Hypocrites rule parliament?!

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