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C**t in Court

As Petra Ecclestone announces she’s divorcing James Stunt, we remind readers of ‘See You Next Tuesday’s’ true ghastliness


The announcement of the impending divorce of the favourite of all at The Steeple Times (and one that has often threatened to sue us), James Stunt and his wife Petra (Ecclestone) Stunt, is news that didn’t surprise. Whilst most will balk at the non-billionaire hitting his billionaire father-in-law in a London courtroom on Thursday, we urge readers to remember the era of amusement ‘See You Next Tuesday’ and his convoy brought to London.


Aside from his ridiculous entourage of utterly incompetent security staff and his water bottles containing some kind of bizarre homemade concoction, Stunt always resembled a slimy toad-like figure wherever he traipsed (en masse). Art dealers, after pointlessly having spent hours with this oikish fool, reported: “He wasted our time” and in restaurants, maître d’s also regularly commented: “The fat fool was demanding and rude.” Nobody welcomed him and nobody benefitted; all that ever resulted from an encounter with Bernie Ecclestone’s wastrel son-in-law was wasted time.


James Stunt will certainly go down in history as a bit of a prick. He will also, sadly, walk away from his wife with a rather big pay cheque.



13 comments on “C**t in Court”

  1. This article simply represents the envy of those like Steeple who doesn’t understand James Stunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! James Stunt is bigger and better than all of you losers and he would no doubt support MAKING GREAT BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN and MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. James Stunt is the ultimate pillock…a sad, spoilt, repugnant money grabbing tosser, I had the misfortune to meet him a few months before he married Petra and the poor girl, all he talked about was money, He then asked us out for dinner which I ran a mile from! Poor Bernie and Petra..thank god she has seen sense…

  2. The ultimate loser is James Stunt. Married wealth and now blown out in the cold. He’ll end his days soon I reckon. A heart attack waiting to happen.

  3. As a property professional, I look forward to the opportunity to get involved in selling Sloane House. I did enjoy visiting it during the days the Bamfords owned it and I hope to return there when it no doubt is brought back to the market to pay off James Stunt. Bernie Ecclestone, I must say, has always been a joy to deal with and his daughters are pretty and lovely. Mr Stunt, meanwhile, is a mean spirited commoner and I would not wish to show him properties ever again. Here speaks a wise property professional.

    1. A ‘Property Professional’? You mean you are a salesman. I love the way you attempt to infer that you are social terms with the Bamfords. Would you mind telling us, Yolanda, which firm employs you. Most high end property salespeople would be leery at showing off who they deal with. I suspect you are a bit of a fraud

  4. Someone put an A4 notice on my car about him a while back. All sorts of rumours out there about his past.

  5. Adults will do what adults will do, but spare a thought for their children. We designed Lavinia’s playhouse for the LA back yard so I’m very aware that their are innocents caught up in this

  6. Brave man (or perhaps stupid) for messing with a rich man who loves his daughter… watch those dark alleys is my friendly advice

  7. Oh this is very sad news. I. for one, will mourn the passing of the need to run for the safety of the pavement when His Serene Majesty Mr Stunt and his large convoy of preposterous Rolls-Royces & Range Rovers (in obligatory black) career through Central London at high speed as if he was the President of the USA. And to think I will no longer have to walk into the road to avoid his phallanx of bodyguards built like IKEA wardrobes as they blocked the public walkways. He seemed so charming as he dashed into a waiting limo crouching as if he was under sniper fire. I stood and laughed at the ludicrous pantomime of it all.

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