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Ex-ing Rutland

Evening Standard describes Tamara Ecclestone’s husband Jay Rutland as her “ex-husband”; do they know something the public have yet to learn?


On Wednesday, the Evening Standard headlined an article: “Tamara Ecclestone’s ex-husband Jay Rutland appears in court”. This could either have been a plain and simple or mistake or, alternatively, perhaps, the newspaper knows something the public don’t.


Ex-ing Rutland – Tamara Ecclestone’s husband Jay Rutland described as her “ex-husband” by the Evening Standard – Do they know something the public doesn’t?
The “Evening Standard” referred to Jay Rutland as Tamara Ecclestone’s “ex-husband” on Wednesday
Ex-ing Rutland – Tamara Ecclestone’s husband Jay Rutland described as her “ex-husband” by the Evening Standard – Do they know something the public doesn’t?
Tamara Ecclestone was pictured with her sister Petra Stunt later in the day


Mr Rutland, whose marriage to Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter has been much reported on in recent days, had appeared at Thames Magistrates’ Court earlier in the day to face accusations relating to his assisting a drugs baron named James Tarrant flee the UK in 2010. His wife was “notably absent” and was later reported to be out “shopping and smiling” with her sister, Petra, in Notting Hill.



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5 comments on “Ex-ing Rutland”

  1. Pity that Bernie, being as he is such a brilliant organiser, couldn’t have brought his daughters up properly. Perhaps he concentrated too much on F1 and left it all to the wife which would explain why they are so gauche. I can’t help thinking that it is kind of odd that they are both tall just because their mother is considering his diminutive stature don’t you think? What are the odds of that?

    1. Charles, my father was 6’4″ in his prime ((but has now shrunk a bit). His mother was only 4’11”. What are the odds of that??

  2. I’ve met Tamara and Jay numerous times. They were without doubt madly in love and adore their daughter. Tamara was a sweetheart and always smiling and happy. She certainly wasn’t thick and neither was Jay. On one occasion I was leaving my vet’s practice in Chelsea with my dog who was still groggy from an operation. Tamara stopped her car and leapt out to see if Poppy was okay and asked if I needed a lift. My car was just around the corner and Jay carried Poppy to the car for me. The following day Tamara called to ask how she was doing. Anyone who knows me will know I don’t tolerate fools easily and these two were far from it. I’m saddened if they’ve split up and disappointed that Jay is in trouble. End of rant!

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