Mon Feb 19, 2018 London

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iCrash Home

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Baroness Marie-Claire von Alvensleben, Eva Harold and David Pun were spotted at play with Apple devices in London


Party crashing sorts Baroness Marie-Claire von Alvensleben, Eva Harold and David Pun like to go where they’re not invited and yesterday was no exception.


Whilst the convicted racist Belgian braggart von Alvensleben was spotted with her iPhone phone plugged in – on the day before the 10th anniversary of the inception of that device – in the VIP hospitality area of an art fair in Chelsea, ‘grabbing granny’ Harold – AKA ‘The Stove’ or ‘The Diva’– took pictures of those highlighting her frankly ghastly beached whale-like figure at the very same gathering with a more exotically decorated handset. She used the F-word repeatedly to those approaching her and seemed a little beyond over-refreshed.


Poor David Pun, however, didn’t manage to cross that particular threshold, but, instead, a reader snapped him ‘at work’ in a location most appropriate. ‘The Pun’, complete with a bizzarely awry bow tie, was snapped in Regent Street’s Apple store. Perhaps, given the iPhone’s anniversary, it’s time for these ghastly ghouls to give up. It’s time for ‘The Toxic Trio’ just to learn to iCrash ‘at home’.



3 comments on “iCrash Home”

  1. Dearest Matthew, it still amazes me how these individuals are still on so many guest lists? David Pun attended one of my charity events, chatted up the young pretty ladies helping me, stole an hour of their time and failed to deliver with his bid – he won and then disappeared off the face of the earth! This was in aid of Teens Unite which supports teenagers who have Cancer – nice eh! What can we do to spread the word??? Keep up the good work Matthew and see you soon.

  2. WTF is the baroness doing lodged in a plant???????? Has the old sparrow got no dignity left????????? And why is Evva wearing such a cheap watch?????? How did she even get through the door in that rag????? I see both managed to nab some sparkling beverages!!!!!!!!!!! No surprises there!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I spotted Eva Harold staggering around pointing her iPhone at people. She had no interest in the art but like she does everywhere she goes pestered people to be pictured with her. I told her “NO” last time and I will tell her “NO” again. Being pictured with her is a curse worse than death.

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