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Insta Shaming Sheel

Harrovian fraudster Sheel Khemka joins Instagram instead of honouring promise to apologise to the countless individuals whose identities he “hijacked” on leaving prison reports victim Matthew Steeples


In May this year, Harrow and Oxford educated Sheel Khemka’s mother, Dame Asha Khemka DL, OBE, DBE, telephoned me in response to a letter I had sent her earlier that month about having encountered her fraudster son in a Knightsbridge bar 24 hours earlier.


“Fashion fraudster” Khemka – jailed for a seven figure VAT fraud in 2016 – his mother explained was on “readjustment back into life in the community” and in spite of my pointing out that it was odd that a prisoner on day release would be heading to a drinking den, she, for the second time, pledged he would write me an apology on his eventual release.


Yesterday, however, this repeatedly honoured Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire’s son showed his true lack of shame and appeared on Instagram as a ‘new member.’ Given prisoners are barred from using social media, here is indication that not only is Sheel Khemka back in the free world but also that he has no intention of putting right the very wrongs he did to many in Kensington and Chelsea and beyond.


‘Follower Beware’ Sheel Khemka on Instagram at @khemkasheel but do be sure to look out for whatever this rotter does next.


#NameAndShame #ShameOnSheelKhemka #ShameOnTheKhemkas


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Insta Shaming Sheel – Fraudster Sheel Khemka joins Instagram – Harrovian fraudster Sheel Khemka joins Instagram instead of honouring promise to apologise to the countless individuals whose identities he “hijacked” on leaving prison reports Matthew Steeples
Champagne loving Sheel Khemka (left) pictured at a Chelsea party with two individuals unconnected to his fraud in 2014


10 comments on “Insta Shaming Sheel”

  1. He was always a smug bastard and because he knew his grin didn’t fool me he always kept clear of me. Always in Brinkley’s and the like and always harassing stupid divorced bimbos.

  2. Disgusting wanker. Spotted him in Knightsbridge only the other day. He had the smug grin Alan mentioned — watch out and don’t let him near your money.

  3. Shifty looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did you ever trust him??????????? You must either be thick or have been on the Castlemaine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Never met him but never heard a good word said about him. He wore his own jeans I’m told despite the fact they were meant for the laaadies. I wonder how he faired in the prison showers.

  5. He’ll have no doubt learnt how to do even worse in prison. His next scam will be even bigger —- mark my words. It’s in his eyes.

  6. These type of Leopards never change their spots, he will soon be at it again when the spotlight is off. He will probably just disappear one day most likely helping to prop up some freeway flyover.

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