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The W***er’s Tower

Unfortunately nicknamed Gloucestershire residence hits the market a year after Old Harrovian Sheel Khemka’s first trial


Some properties have unfortunate names such as Witch’s Cottage – the Earl of Cadogan gave a house named such to his ex-wife after their divorce in 1994 – whilst others have features that make them a bit of a laughing stock. The Round Tower at Siddington, near South Cerney is one such house and now it is for sale for the extraordinary price of £2.5 million after its first occupant spent a number of weeks on trial at Croydon Crown Court in 2014.


The W***er’s Tower - The Round Tower, Siddington, South Cerney, Cirencester, Glouestershire, GL7 6RH – Sheel Khemka, Lofli, HMRC, Dame Asha Khemka
The Round Tower at Siddington, near South Cerney, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 6RH with the since removed clenched fist statue (Source: BBC)
The W***er’s Tower - The Round Tower, Siddington, South Cerney, Cirencester, Glouestershire, GL7 6RH – Sheel Khemka, Lofli, HMRC, Dame Asha Khemka
Sheel Khemka (© Matthew Steeples)
The W***er’s Tower - The Round Tower, Siddington, South Cerney, Cirencester, Glouestershire, GL7 6RH – Sheel Khemka, Lofli, HMRC, Dame Asha Khemka
The Round Tower is set in an exposed position in the Gloucestershire countryside (Source: Google)


After being sold to James Perkins of GL50 in 2004, the party organiser turned developer set about extending the building by constructing an underground house and as part of his scheme he rather unfortunately placed a sculpture of a clenched fist in the garden. Given it faced the tower, locals compared the image it created to a certain sexual act and nicknamed it The W***er’s Tower.


Sold for £1.5 million in November 2009, the house subsequently became the home of an Old Harrovian and one-time multiple company director named Sheel Khemka – the son of Dame Asha Khemka OBE, DBE– and stands in about 4.15 acres of land. It rather unfortunately has a view of an airfield and includes four bedroom suites, open plan living areas, a guest annexe and an outdoor swimming pool. Khemka subsequently went to trial after an investigation by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs in July and August 2014 and now The Round Tower has been placed on the market for the extraordinary sum of £2.5 million through the estate agency firm Henry George.



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23 comments on “The W***er’s Tower”

  1. Why’s he t***ing off this house anyway? I’ve driven past it recently. It’s a mess and anyway, who’d want to live in a basement with a load of rats?!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If that tie is indication of his tastes, I’ll pass. Plainly Harrow didn’t do him much good… Oh, I forget, he went to the school that produced Sir Mark Thatcher, John Crawford Florey, Charles Wentworth, Neil Heywood, John Profumo, Spencer Eade, et al.

    1. Sheel Khemka is more than an acquired taste. He’s an idiot with utterly no taste and his moral compass needs closer examination.

  3. Is that a wire fence around the tower? Lovely touch. I think that the clenched fist, despite other connotations, the wire fence, the look out tower, and the underground bunker, would make a dandy Nazi Memorabilia museum on that piece of untilled waste.

  4. Someone teach the oik to tie his tie properly! His mummy has a lot to answer for. Too busy hanging around with Tony Blair and David Cameron I hear to bring him up to behave himself.

  5. Dame Asha Khemka appears to have done a lot of good and got herself all kinds of rewards and honours. She plainly didn’t pay much attention to her wayward brat though. I’ve seen recently him in nightclubs like 151 Kings Road and it’s not a pleasant sight. The guy is a disgrace and I will not be surprised when I hear about what happens with him next.

  6. I looked around this house with my now ex-husband when it was last for sale. It’s built very badly and there were already cracks back in 2009. I am surprised it hasn’t caved in. The underground bit is really bad and anyone with £2.5m could do a lot better. The land is of a very low grade and useless. Don’t bother bidding on this place. It’s a dump.

  7. The only person who’d buy this dump is a spiv like Sheel Khemka. He also had a purple Mercedes. No taste, no class.

  8. What Sheel Khemka has done to his friends and family is shameful. I hope that one day he realises and apologises to all those he’s done bad things to. The boy is a proper piece of dog t***.

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