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The Steeple Times is an online magazine with a following of upto 880,000 unique views per day on our best day yet.

  • We have 91,000 daily subscribers by email.

  • We typically average around 320,000 unique views per day.

  • We currently have 65 contributing authors who range from students to the actor, writer and producer Steven Berkoff and the champion jockey Frankie Dettori.

Combining a mix of society's last word and both wit and wisdom, The Steeple Times covers food, drink and fine dining as well as luxury, travel, the arts, individuals of influence and current affairs in the United Kingdom, America and elsewhere. We are best described as being akin to "a cross between The Huffington Post and Private Eye".


The magazine's following is affluent, engaged and international. With 41% of readers coming from the UK and 38% from America, The Steeple Times also has strong presence within Canadian, Italian, German and Australian territories.



Luxury and the artsFrom houses to cars and from Hockney to van Dyck, a profile of the best and the worst

Raising a glass to The Steeple Times

The Steeple Times launches at Blakes Hotel


Tonight, the official launch of The Steeple Times will be marked with a reception at Blakes Hotel in South Kensington.


Blakes Hotel, 33 Roland Gardens, London, SW7 3PF

We are honoured to launch our quirky yet informative magazine at the world’s first boutique hotel in the company of friends, writers and advertisers. Several photographers and two film crews will also be present so we will be able to share images and footage from the night with our readers shortly.


Matthew Steeples, Editor-in-Chief, comments:


“May I take this opportunity to thank all who have helped with the development of The Steeple Times and most especially our creative director, Angelo Valentino. Our team have done a spectacular job and already our first contributors, Thomas “T.J.” James and Claire Rubinstein, have shared some superb news pieces with our readership. Many more articles will be going live in the forthcoming weeks and we look forward to your comments and ideas.”


“I’ve garnered much inspiration to create The Steeple Times from many sources, but titles such as Spear’s, the New York Social Diary and The Huffington Post have very much guided our development. The encouragement of so many friends, equally, has been phenomenal but I’d especially like to thank Anthony Brown, Marie-Athena Papathanasiou, Barbara Minto, John Stoddart, Rex Leyland, Robin and Anne Penberthy, Basia Briggs, Richard Eden, Jacqueline Branston, Jesse Schulman, Gina Miller, Stephen Annett, Michael Ezra, Linda Rooney and Ruxandra Lazarescu for their input and guidance.”


“It is most generous of Julian Payne and Jesus Sauri of Blakes to have organised tonight’s reception and I would also like to thank our sponsors Gary Hazell and Andrew McDonald of Purity Vodka, Alex Claos of Viru Beer and Jean Nedelec of Bougie Macaron & Tea for their participation.”


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  1. Here’s to a rip-roaring successful launch. Well done to all who have taken the trouble to support this excellent medium of knowledge and fun!!!

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