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Editorial comment from Matthew Steeples Our editor tells it like it is and he rarely minces his words

Sheel Khemka – Fraudster

Old Harrovian crook Sheel Khemka sentenced to five years in jail and barred from being a company director for seven years


Paris Hilton allegedly – if the words of a now convicted fraudster are to be believed – wore Lofli jeans when she was jailed in 2007. Sheel Khemka, the company’s founder and the owner of the appropriately nicknamed ‘W**kers Tower’ instead opted for a Savile row suit but in spite of his expensive garb, on Wednesday he was exposed for what he truly is: A fraudster and a thoroughly rotten man.


Sheel Khemka – Fraudster – Son of Dame Asha Khemka OBE, DBE
Sheel Khemka enjoyed the high life with friends whose identities we have hidden at the request of the woman pictured


Harrow and Oxford educated Khemka, 42, was sentenced to five years in jail at Croydon Crown Court after being found guilty in a unanimous verdict of conducting a complex VAT fraud. Khemka – who will be best remembered for telling people: “I’m brighter than everybody else” – put in twelve false VAT repayment claims between May and October 2009, and received almost £498,000 in refunds. A further eleven claims totalling more than £500,000, submitted during 2009, were not paid out by HMRC.


During the fraud, Khemka – who is registered as having had a total of 69 company directorships – used falsified invoices and sales orders as part of his bid to con HMRC. He used five fake names and was charged with cheating the public revenue after being arrested in November 2011.


Sheel Khemka – Fraudster – Son of Dame Asha Khemka OBE, DBE
Sheel Khemka enjoyed louche parties and the company of equally loose women at the expense of the taxpayer
Sheel Khemka – Fraudster – Son of Dame Asha Khemka OBE, DBE
A mugshot of the now disgraced fraudster taken at the time of his arrest


Of the conviction, Alan Tully, Assistant Director Fraud Investigation Service at HMRC told The Gloucester Citizen:


“Khemka set up this fraud through greed, to fund a lavish lifestyle at the taxpayers’ expense. Using the proceeds of his crime he bought a luxury home in Gloucestershire and a top-of-the-range Mercedes car. If he had not been stopped by HMRC officers he would have stolen millions of pounds of VAT”.


“This was a sophisticated fraud that involved detailed planning and forgery, all for the benefit of one criminal”.


His Honour Judge Nicholas John Ainley added:


“The scheme was dishonest from the start. I have severe doubts if jeans existed at all and you set up companies using the hijacked identities of friends. This was a sophisticated and well-planned fraud from which you used a lot of money on yourself – £200,000 to buy a house”.


Dame Asha Khemka OBE, DBE, the fraudster’s especially smug mother and the CEO of West Nottinghamshire College, failed to respond to requests for comments Thursday.


Update Wednesday 18th May 2016: We removed a photograph of Sheel Khemka with a former girlfriend and one-time director of Lofli on 17th May. On the receipt of legal advice, we have now reinstated this picture with an image of the woman concerned and another associate of the jailbird with bags over their heads. There is no reason we should not name her or the other party but out of courtesy we have chosen to protect their identities.



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21 comments on “Sheel Khemka – Fraudster”

  1. After what he did to you and others Matthew, I hope he has a most enjoyable time in the prison showers. The runt deserves everything he gets. I will never forget his smug grin and his sneaky antics with girls. A dirty dog of a man. His mother on the other hand (friend of Tony Blair and David Cameron) should be really ashamed of herself – She produced a thieving fraudster. Shame on the Khemkas. Pile it on.

    1. Yes, but only five years? He will keep a low profile and be a model prisoner, and will probably be out in two. These greedy scum actually believe they are above the law and it doesn’t really apply to them.
      I would make him repay every single penny, and he stays eating porridge untill it’s repayed, then on his release, slap him with a bill for his incarceration, including VAT of course.

  2. A rod is heading right up his sorry arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I wrote to Dame Asha (Mrs as she then was) after my meeting with the Serious Fraud Office in 2011. She failed to respond and then when I saw her in Chelsea, she blanked me also. This family have no shame and though I was not called as a witness at either of his trials, I again express my anger that Sheel Khemka fraudulently made me and others directors of his companies without our knowledge. When I confronted him, he told me: “They didn’t pay me quickly enough… I just did it to speed up the process”. There was no apology and it is only for this reason that I publish this for the record.

  3. Where’s his father in all of this? He is a poor man whose wife has dominated his life in her quest for status. She is the Indian equivalent of Hyacinth Bucket and the son is simply a little prick.

  4. Lofli jeans were the best-fitting jeans I’ve ever worn. Sheel needn’t have resorted to such low measures as he had a fabulous product but he took the arrogant option. However, he still owes me for a couple of cases of wine and for a couple of gallons of spirits from when his hangers-on gate crashed a Sunday lunch at my house.

  5. Well done for exposing crooked Khemka , and this was even long b efore he was prosecuted and sentenced . Hope all other likeminded fraudsters , still hanging out spending their loot in London and elsewhere, will follow him where they belong : Jail

  6. Sheel Khemka is innocent. How dare you defame him. You defamed Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile and that will get you put in jail you f***er. I will bring you down. Sheel will get justice soon and be freed.

    1. You absolute moron, just look at the evidence if you can read.
      Show me one iota of evidence that would convince anybody that Savile was innocent, and Harris for that matter. You are obviously a pedophile like them for even hinting they are innocent, especially that scum sucker Savile. Why don’t you come up with some intelligent conversation, why you think these animals are innocent, then at least it could be discussed.
      You only ever post on here with your foul language, and no substance, like JP says, you need a referral, now go away.

  7. Haven’t met this guy personally but people who know him tell me he’s arrogant, brash and a complete prick! I was also told to stay well away as he’s a professional crook and doesn’t give a second thought in conning the innocence to feather his own nest. Problem with 5 years – he will be out in 2 and then putting his hands in someone else’s pocket. Met his mother a couple of times and she was always polite and pleasant, but agree she does have an element of “smug” Oldest son in nick may take away a little smugness!

    1. Joe you are quite right, prison is a just a university of crime. A white collar criminal such as our friend Sheel here will be transferred within two months to an open prison like Ford Open Prison where he will meet a better class of criminal to learn from such as wayward members of the aristocracy and various members of parliament. He will also be encouraged to study for a post grad course (at tax payers expense) which will allow him to go out on day release to Oxford, but actually he will end up leaving with a second degree in advanced criminality!

  8. Probably a stupid question but why did Sheel’s girlfriend D****** W****** turn up to a party wearing a bit of black and white tablecloth over her face? I mean Paddy what’s his name I can understand but she wasn’t that bad looking herself?

    1. She ran a dating site for “singletons educated at public schools”. No wonder she dated the son of the smug Dame Asha herself. I note she was also a director of his company and a shareholder also (though that doesn’t mean she knew anything about the fraud just as others didn’t know either).

  9. D****** W***** – I remember her! She gave a party at Morton’s once. It was the joke of the town.

    She then moved on to organising parties for “singletons who could only be from public schools”.

    She had bleached blonde hair and took up with Sheel Khemka. She lived with him for a while and encouraged him to buy The Tosser’s Tower.

    He then ditched her as he preferred spending time with girls of the night instead and the local dealers.

    She’s thus likely deservedly bitter. Poor lady.

  10. Well now she knows how all the holidays to Capri were paid for! Perhaps she can start a new dating site for ex-cons, there are plenty in Chelsea!

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