Picture of the week: “I am the bullet in the chamber”

The tragic story of Oscar Pistorius and the death of Reeva Steenkamp


Oscar Pistorius was a man many rightly came to admire. He achieved the unthinkable on the track and was, as his father, Henke, pointed out “a man strong beyond his years”. In an advert for Nike, he himself is quoted as saying:


“I was born without bones below the knee. I only stand 5ft 2. But this is the body I have been given. This is my weapon. How I conquer. How I wage my war. This is how I have broken the world record 49 times. How I became the fastest thing on legs. This is my weapon. This is how I fight”.


Picture of the week: Oscar Pistorius in Nike's "I am the bullet in the chamber" advertisement

Picture of the week: Oscar Pistorius in Nike’s “I am the bullet in the chamber” advertisement

Athlete Oscar Pistorius and his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp (19th August 1983 - 14th February 2013)

Athlete Oscar Pistorius and his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp (19th August 1983 – 14th February 2013)


Our picture of the week is of another advertisement in which Pistorius featured for Nike. Titled, rather unfortunately, “I am the bullet in the chamber”, these are words that will now haunt the athlete forever more.

Whatever the truth is behind this tragic story, one person is dead and another’s life and career is now ruined. May the case of Oscar Pistorius be a lesson to us all.


Read statements from the family of Oscar Pistorius on his official website at: http://www.oscarpistorius.com


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11 Responses to Picture of the week: “I am the bullet in the chamber”

  1. Chaim Paddaman says:

    The similarities between Oscar and his father Henke Pistoruis are astonguising. Henke Pistoruis dated Anneline Kriel (former Miss World 1974) He was also involved in a shooting accident whilst in the company of Miss Kriel.
    He claimed at the time that he was cleaning his loaded firearm, he accidentally shot himself in the groin area. God knows how? RIP Reeva Steenkamp.

  2. Chaim Paddaman says:

    Oops misspelled “astonishing”

  3. Gwillis says:

    Not sure what the lesson to be learned is except don’t be a narcissistic, psychopathic killer.

  4. BizSuccess says:

    Such a sad ending to this story. He went from hero to zero.

  5. Monima O'Connor says:

    Desperately sad. I feel so sorry for Pistorius as well as Reeva’s family.

  6. Two young lives destroyed, both admired in their achievements.

    A sad loss to the younger generation who follow celebrities.

    No one should judge or be judged in life, this is tragic!

    Condolences to both families whilst coming to terms with what has

  7. Chaim Paddaman says:

    A comprehension of the dynamics of Afrikanerdom, will give a better insight and understanding of the personality traits of Oscar Pistorius.
    The Afrikaner ruled South African politics with an iron fist from 1948-1994.
    The Afrikaner men are driven by a culture of masculinity and machismo, this is illustrated by the need for physical power and material wealth, gun ownership, fast cars, and gorgeous stunning girlfriends.
    Oscar had to overcompensate for his disability to be accepted by his peers during his early fundamental development years.
    The comparison between Oscar and his father Henke Pistorius is interesting and relevant.
    Oscar has dug himself deep into a hole. He has made a bed, that he will have to sleep in for the rest of his life.
    For that matter, I do feel sorry for him.

  8. How can anyone really ever know the truth unless they were there?

  9. Really a crazy story that is tragic no matter what the intention really was.

  10. Monima O'Connor says:

    Very insightful Chaim Paddamam. Thank you.

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