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The snakes and ladders of societyA chronicle of drama, scandal and success in London, Paris, New York and elsewhere

Stoving Brainboxes

Grabbing granny Eva Harold takes a tumble and rants about being suspended from social media at a party whilst elsewhere in Chelsea the ‘Brexit Brainbox’ got barred


On Thursday evening, at a party in London’s Kings Road, a rather over-refreshed Eva Harold – a woman who shares her name with a stove glass product – was heard moaning to fellow guests about Facebook supposedly having suspended her account.


Though the grabbing granny’s account seems to now be working again, we’re not surprised that a woman so anti cyclists, black people and Muslims should have offended anyone. Next, Miss Harold, after harassing a foreign royal and “rocking in Subbuteo figure-like fashion after one shandy too many” (according to one observer), then took a stumble and headed off into the night.


Elsewhere in Chelsea, on Friday evening, an equally charmless friend of Miss Harold was told that she would not be served in a bar. The ‘Brexit Brainbox’, as we christened her, had made numerous derogatory remarks about immigrants on her last visit despite being of foreign stock her very self. After a somewhat perplexing rant at the venue’s manager, the ‘Brainbox’ stormed off in search of locating champagne elsewhere. A girl, after all, has to drink (even if it’s champagne made by foreigners).


Stoving Brainboxes – Eva Harold and Brexit Brainbox
Eva Harold (pictured on a previous occasion complete with her ‘Donald Trump-style’ haircut)


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