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The comings and goings of the entrepreneurial classesThe brightest and the stupidest in business

Stunt Slumps

As a company run by “flash bastard” socialite James Stunt posts losses of £900,000, we remember previous travails involving him and his wordsmith wife


This morning, the Daily Mail’s Sebastian Shakespeare reported a company owned by the son-in-law of billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, James Stunt, suffered a fall in its net worth from £2.78 million to £1.89 million ($3.59 million to $2.44 million, €3.28 million to €2.23 million or درهم13.17 million to درهم8.96 million) in the year to June 2016.


Described previously as a “flash bastard” by Mr Ecclestone in April 2014, Stunt is known to like to spend time purchasing art and cars but is viewed by many residents of Kensington and Chelsea to be simply “nothing but an attention seeker”.


Of the news, a spokesman for Stunt Acquisitions, told the paper:


“The company continues to undertake research and to explore opportunities for long-term investment and growth. Such a strategy, inevitably, has short-term costs associated with it”.


Stunt’s vulgarian wordsmith wife, Petra, hasn’t faired much better in business. In 2015, a company she named ‘Stark’ after her father called its inception “stark raving mad”, reported debts of £4.44 million ($5.68 million, €5.19 million or درهم20.85 million).


A word of advice? Perhaps this ghastly pair should stick to shopping.



7 comments on “Stunt Slumps”

  1. Brash and tacky. That’s all that needs to be said. I cringe every time I see him and his horrible convoy. His security staff are very rude also and think they own the road.

  2. Why does he not grow up? I saw him at Masterpiece and he was behaving like a big kid pestering art dealers. They look totally underwhelmed by him.

  3. Good article.
    I have seen his tacky cavalcade of cars bearing less taste than Katy Price or a young footballer

  4. Matthew
    He is far worse than being just an attention seeker. He and his ludicrous cavalcade clog up the narrow streets of Chelsea.

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