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The Masters 2016

The Tout’s tips for The Masters 2016


The famous Eisenhower tree may have been lost to an ice storm but Spring is here and the magnolias are out back on cue for The Masters 2016. The Tout is very lucky to have had several winners here and this year we believe that Rory McIlroy is going into this event in very good form. If he remains in this sort of form he can put in four sub 70 rounds with ease and win like Shergar. He is available at 10/1.


Rory McIlroy is the favoured choice this year at The Masters 2016
Rory McIlroy is the favoured choice this year at The Masters 2016


Some others to consider are Jordan Spieth 10/1, Hideki Matsuyama 50/1 and as a back and lay on Betfair Tom Watson is trading at 1000/1 and The Tout can see that price tumbling to 100/1 if he has a good first round which he invariably does. Another place bet might be Garcia at 75/1.


Enjoy the spectacle of the best golfers in the world fighting eighteen of the hardest putting greens in the world.



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  1. Thanks for these. After the success The Tout gave me at Cheltenham, I’ll definitely be following your lead.

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