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Timothy Woelke – Man of Straw

The Steeple Times highlights chef Timothy Woelke as a charlatan and a crook


For too long, the grossly obese beached whale of a chef Timothy Woelke has presented himself as a respectable man and told all who’d listen that he is honest, decent and reliable. He got away with this for over ten years but now his time is up.


Photographic evidence seen by The Steeple Times proves that this Canadian did at one time work at The Dorchester but a conversation with a former colleague confirmed that he was not an executive chef but in fact in the more lowly position as a chef in the hotel’s bar.


Evidence from other former associates suggest that Mr Woelke’s claims about having worked at Blakes Hotel were not false, but once again details listed on this shady individual’s CV were again somewhat exaggerated and plainly inspired by the Andrea Leadsom school of embellishment.


Lately, though, Tim Woelke has become better known for taking advantage of those who have kindly supported him financially and with accommodation. He has left a trail of debt and devastation in London and though we now are led to believe he’s bizarrely hanging out in Dundee, it is time to name and shame this charlatan for the dishonest crook he truly is.




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26 comments on “Timothy Woelke – Man of Straw”

  1. Those eyes spell out deception!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock him up!!!!!!!!!!!!! But don’t send him Down Under —— We DON”T want him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a pity that someone who had a talent resorts to such nefarious activities. I hope the police catch up with him before he flees to pastures new.

  3. Matthew: You have told me of how many chances you gave him to respond to you and how you’d actually give him a chance to put things right. He just ignored you and continued to harass others trying to take advantage of their kindness too. Now TIM WOELKE, you’ve burnt the bridge with the person who was the kindest of the lot to you. You went shopping for clothes and luxury goods with the money of others and now you will pay the price. Your last fry up has just been served.

  4. I am the first to admit I am a moron and a fool for having trusted this conman. He led us all up the garden path for over ten years and beneath it all there were the disappearing acts, the returning acts and the obsession with the CIA, MI5, etc being “after him.” Timothy Woelke is a delusional lunatic and I now simply hope he leaves Britain for good.

  5. As you know I paid this slob a fortune to provide a lunch for 8 to take to Ascot. He was nearly two hours late and most of it was still in supermarket packaging. The fresh fruit salad consisted of a packet of grapes, half a pineapple, two bananas and one apple … entirely unprepared.

  6. I was warned off hiring this person by someone who’d had him in their house previously. He promises great food and then buys cheap ingredients — but bills for the most expensive. He deserves this expose from what I hear.

  7. Well let’s just hope the law catches up with him soon, he can them have the pleasure of trying some of HMP Cuisine, and I’m sure that won’t still be in supermarket wrapping.

  8. I guess he really meant that the Metroplitan Police were after him. It sounds less dramatic than the CIA, MI5, Russian Federal Security Service, and the NorK State Security Department.

  9. What a despicable excuse for a human. Having been told the whole story, I think Matthew has been very restrained in what he wrote about this thieving wastrel.

  10. He owes a friend of mine thousands. None of this surprises me. He also had a sham marriage in Oxford as part of his attempt to get a work permit and British citizenship. He should be deported — oh I forget, that’s happened before.

  11. My only dealings with this individual some years back were quite positive at the time, but I always sensed something was not quite right. He always went too far with his stories and he sweated a little too much. I wondered what happened when he suddenly disappeared and I can see he will be disappearing once again.

  12. He came to a party I organised and he misbehaved. He cannot stop eating. It is quite appalling to witness and I can see why whales were mentioned.

  13. I bet Timothy Woelke is innocent. You got everything totally wrong about Viscount St Davids and got him wrongly taken away from his wife and child and now you are damaging this chef’s life too Steeples. What is wrong with you? These people are far above you and you need to learn to respect your elders and betters.

  14. I remember him catering a garden party I went to in South West London many years back. He did a good job so this news surprises me. I wonder what went wrong and hope he puts right his mistakes.

  15. Very disappointed to hear this. I would have hired him given the good things I previously heard but I definitely will not be doing such ever now.

  16. No. You’re wrong. I’m his cousin and can say without a doubt that he has been written off by ALL of us! He is a horrible person who has squandered every opportunity the families have undeservedly him. He is NOT welcome back!

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