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Ian Towning

Ian TowningThe queen of the antiques trade has blue blood on his mother’s side. Aside from appearing on the mahogany skinned David Dickinson’s Real Deal television programme, Towning is launching a pen for left-handed writers and is often spotted promenading the Kings Road in full regalia and at a certain sun tanning parlour next to McDonalds.

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2 Responses to Ian Towning

  1. Chrissie says:

    I think Ian is an absolute doll..and very knowledgable about antiques, as wirness on Dickinson’s Real Deal…a must for anyone interested in getting a value on dodgy items found at a car boot sale.
    If Ian has any doubts, he says so. A refreshing attitude. I wish I could meet up with him; he always wears such sensational bijouterie.

  2. jan jeans says:

    I love Ian too. He is adorable. I doubt he will like to be so appealing to us girls though.

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