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Fat F**k

‘The Steeple Times’ names and shames Knightsbridge’s worst scammer for what he truly is; meet Francesco Grasso – his name means ‘fat’ in Italian

The word ‘Grasso’ means ‘fat’ in Italian and in the case of one Francesco Grasso, the truth is that this pig of a man gets ‘fat’ at the expense of others.


Greaseball Grasso – a badly dressed, deviant leach – rents flats and houses in Knightsbridge and its environs. He pretends, with the assistance of others including his common as muck ‘partner’ Margaret Cabo, someone called Miss Beatty and another by the name of Ibrahim, that he’s renting these properties for himself. He then sub-lets on a day-by-day basis and then, once he feels ready, stops even paying the rightful owners the rent that was agreed.


In the case of a most unfortunate property owner in Walton Street, Grasso took on a tenancy at just under £1,000 per week. He then turned her beautifully decorated four bedroomed house into a complete squat. He put in extra beds, ‘redecorated’ the place with ghastly wallpaper that would be more suitable for a backstreet curry joint in Hounslow and currently rents this now squalid property out at £800 per night. He has not paid a single penny in rent since last September but sadly due to the slow movement of the cogs of justice, he’s connivingly been able to keep himself with a set of keys and already cost the owner over £14,000 in legal fees.


Others, amongst them a lady from Dubai who rented out her Beauchamp Place flat to this spiv, spent over £40,000 to get rid of Grasso after he turned her property into an Airbnb fleapit. Here, indeed, is someone with not an ounce of decency. Here, instead, is a conman of the first order and today we name this repugnant specimen for the disgrace that he truly is.




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11 comments on “Fat F**k”

  1. Anybody that deals with scum probably shouldn’t be so bloody stupid. Having said that, the only thing sleazy ass holes like this guy understands is a visit from a few of the lads, preferably with baseball bats. I can’t understand how a crook like this is allowed to get away with this. Then just walks away as if nothing has happened to find the next woody. If it was my place this PITA wouldn’t be walking.

  2. I’ve seen him parking his scooter outside the dry cleaner in Walton Street. He hangs around with some very shady sorts.

  3. As a property professional who acts with the best interest of clients, I am shocked that this man slipped through the net given he is listed on Lon Res as someone to not rent to. Which agency did these people use to rent their properties out? This kind of thing does not go on at reputable firms like Savills and Knight Frank.

  4. Yolanda, as a ‘property professional’ you talk poppycock and are plain embarrassing.
    The rental people at Savills and Knight Frank have both let to fraudsters like this man. You really need to zip it up and cease your endless pontifications.
    You are a thorough bore

  5. Matthew, there is a way to halt these people. No point in relying on the law.
    If I can have some space I will explain how we turned the tables on crooks like Grasso

  6. I’m currently taking him to court with an agency that doesn’t ask for any payments in advance. Please contact me if you would like to participate with me as the court case will be stronger with more people. My mobile is+447470536068. Best, Nikol

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