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Editorial comment from Matthew Steeples Our editor tells it like it is and he rarely minces his words

Finding the Fakes

Matthew Steeples reports on the individuals impersonating him and those hacking The Steeple Times website


For the last few months I have been targeted by an individual and his cohorts simply for my involvement in the case of the rightly now jailed racist Viscount St Davids. I shall not name these people here due to ongoing police investigations, but would like to alert readers that The Steeple Times has been hacked and crashed by one such person and I have been impersonated by someone using fake Gmail and Twitter accounts also.


Messages from and a Twitter handle that uses my name and operates from @WankerTimes are both examples of this impersonation. They should be ignored and reported to the appropriate authorities.


Follow Matthew Steeples on Twitter at @M_Steeples.



18 comments on “Finding the Fakes”

  1. I now understand why there have not been as many posts in recent days. I enjoy your content and I think it is shocking that these people have come after you for standing up for what is right. The threats against Gina Miller and others simply for standing for what they believe in — even if you don’t agree with her views (and I know many who don’t) — should result in further criminal cases and longer sentences for the likes of Viscount St Davids.

  2. You deserve to be closed down. You have taken a lovely and decent man, Viscount St Davids, away from his child and wife for the sake of a Facebook post he made that was nothing but innocent. It is no State Secret that he spoke for many of us in what he said and you should learn to respect your elders and betters.

    1. Don’t be thick. He made death threats against decent people and was convicted by the courts. Matthew reported it and as far as I know isn’t in charge of justice in the UK. Gina Miller was judged right in the courts of this land too. The Viscount is a pompous arsehole and there is no excuse for trolling Matthew. Just have secure passwords Matthew.

    2. He’s not a decent man he is no better than the slimiest of scumbags.
      He allegedly bankrupted companies in Germany and effectively stole their pensions and spent it on his private pursuits.
      He charges forth to demand freedom of speech and yet that’s only for himself and not those who have the temerity to oppose his views. He got off very very lightly only because he managed to convince the magistrate that he meant “smoke out” and not “kill” in his use of the term ‘smoke’. That he’s a bankrupt for the third time tells you just how much nous he really has

    3. Well if he was closed down Stacey, you wouldn’t be able to have your say, would you. Keep up the great work Matthew and don’t let the bastards grind you down. I’m surprised the the two usual lunatics havent made a comment agreeing with Stacey, no names mentioned.

    4. As he was saying what you believe it should be taken as read then that you are also a foul ignorant racist of the highest order Stacey. Oh and as for his wife, isn’t she also embroiled in debt and refusal to pay vast sums. They are a match made in shit.

  3. Get over yourself??????????!!!!!!!! WTF are you bothered about?????????????? Sounds like these people are just being funny and you should be flattered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plainly they like you!!!!!!!! Just give them a pat on the back and say weh hey and pull out a Castlemaine XXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. With the greatest respect, I think you need to share this important point with the police a little more ambitiously. Online abuse is immoral and it has to end.

  5. In complete agreement with Nicola…… Sincerely hope the “Ongoing police investigations” result in convictions for this moron and his cohorts……
    Keep up the good work !

  6. As a reader remarked, he was convicted by the courts, not by Matthew. And bankrupted three times has to tell us something.
    Keep up the good work, Matthew.

    1. The Viscount did nothing wrong. He spoke the truth about Gina Miller’s stupidity over Brexit and I can say that I support him. He is innocent and the judge got it wrong. Rolf Harris was wrongly jailed and will be cleared and so will Max Clifford and the other victims of the police orchestrated campaign against them. You should be ashammed of yourself Matthew Steeple.

  7. Looks like Dr. Nastro is up to his old tricks again. He’s the master of deception and impersonation! Joined forces with ******** perhaps? Or maybe they’re one in the same person? They don’t call him Nasti for nothing! [EDITED]

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