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More Belgrade Than Belgravia

As the Belgravia Shell fuel station is raided and its cash machine robbed, here is another timely reminder of the effects of Theresa May’s cuts


This morning in Ebury Street, Belgravia, the Shell garage closed and turned into a crime scene following by a raid on its cash machine. With the entire area cordoned off by police, a few busybodies lingered at the scene as forensic officers hunted for clues as to the perpetrators.


More Belgrade Than Belgravia – Shell garage robbed – As the Belgravia Shell is raided and its cash machine robbed, here is another timely reminder of the effects of Theresa May’s cuts.
Police officers cordoned off the Shell garage this morning


Of the incident, a local resident told The Steeple Times: “It now feels more like Belgrade round here than Belgravia. Robberies are on the up and I’ve even seen someone being tasered in the local supermarket. It’s thoroughly shocking and proof that Theresa May’s decision to close the Buckingham Palace Road station was utterly wrong.”


“It’s no wonder that many of us have been supporting the new local private ‘police’ firm, My Local Bobby, operating in the area. When you live in the richest area of Britain, you don’t expect to have to live like this.”


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