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Spelling Stunt

Petra Stunt sends yet another rambling comment to ‘The Steeple Times’


Petra Stunt – nee Ecclestone – took great umbrage at our article about her father’s views on her husband’s convoy of cars. Now, in yet another comment, she’s shared her take on James Stunt’s entourage of vehicles once again.


Petra Stunt is currently trying to sell the Spelling Manor for $150 million
Petra Stunt is currently trying to sell the Spelling Manor for $150 million


In the remark, Stunt stated:


“Ask any nightclub TRAMP Movida Annabells they all saw the cars and bodyguards the daily mail just weren’t stalking him! First date he had it all so get your facts straight Aspinals also know and every neighbour in chelsea harbour.My father called to help James but he was recorded without his knowledge and taken out of context. Contact my lawyer Niri Shan not Scott. On the record my husband had 11 cars at 23 and bodyguards every club goer has seen this for over 15 years. People should be bored but u keep writing about his entourage its always been there. Ask my father he never back ground checked my husband and though Scott is freelance and records everything my father was not made aware and is happy to tell the world what a manipulation this is.Again my words not my husband’s I will never write on this rag of a blog again u will be sued next if the daily mail were not harassing my husband no one still apart from dear friends and night clubs and the clubs patrons would know he even existed. Petra Stunt”.


“P.S I will only respond through my lawyer never this rag say what u want u should get your own lives we have a lovely marriage and a beautiful baby. You people hide my husband does not please tell him to his face”.


As one reader pointed out about Mrs Stunt’s last post, her no doubt expensive education plainly didn’t include much in the way of training in the art of the English language. The current owner of Spelling Manor plainly shouldn’t bother becoming a contestant in a spelling bee.



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5 comments on “Spelling Stunt”

  1. I went to two different schools with him and knew him til he was about 18 and he never had any sort of flashy life during this time, nor did his parents – although they lived a comfortable life in a sought after Surrey suburb but I am flummoxed as to where this supposedly independent wealth has come from.

  2. I agree with Bernie, The Stunt is an ‘idiot’ end of, funny that he now feels since his marriage to the gorgeous Petra that he is as important as someone like the President of the United States and has to employ a convoy… does he really matter that much to society?!? Please let me know exactly what he has done in his vacuous life?!

    1. What is The Steeple Times’ problem? I’ve seen Mr Stunt’s cavalcade around town on many occasions. He does no harm to me or any others. The Mail on-line seems to have a similarly scatological interest in Mr Stunt’s car movements. How many times can you make a story out of “man and cars drive down roads and occasionally stop somewhere”?

  3. Win, win

    The Stunts make me feel better about my shallow life and lack of erudition

    And, rather like rulers and kings had dwarfs and jesters around to improve their feelings of self worth; the Stunt’s general behavior and Mrs Stunt’s prose elevate my feelings of self worth – or is it elevates my feeling?

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