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Picture of the Week – A gold slapper

‘X Factor’ reject mounts gold Lamborghini at launch of Chelsea Green restaurant Kiru


If Turki Bin Abdullah hadn’t been embarrassed enough already after his fleet of gold cars were photographed with parking tickets and being trailed by a spoof Ford Ka wrapped in gold paper, he must now be even more red-faced as on Thursday, at the opening of a new restaurant on Chelsea Green named Kiru, an X Factor reject literally mounted his car.


Picture of the Week – A gold slapper – Chloe-Jasmine Whichello mounts Turki Bin Abdullah’s gold Lamborghini Aventador at launch of Kiru restaurant, Chelsea Green, London, SW3, Thursday 31st March 2016
A gold slapper – Chloe-Jasmine Whichello literally slapped herself aboard Turki Bin Abdullah’s gold Lamborghini Aventador outside Kiru restaurant on Chelsea Green in London, SW3 on Thursday 31st March 2016


Pictured in a red dress straddled across Bin Abdullah’s £350,000 gold Lamborghini Aventador, Chloe-Jasmine Whichello looked a little worse for wear as she climbed onto the car. She somehow managed to get one of her heels onto the roof but her time there was not long-lived.


Whilst the Daily Mail reported that the 24-year old singer had “asked for permission”, we can instead report that she was promptly and unceremoniously removed by his security detail. The car and its pint-sized owner departed soon after.


In the class stakes: X Factor reject – 0, Pint-Sized James Stunt – 0, Kiru Restaurant – 0.



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5 comments on “Picture of the Week – A gold slapper”

  1. Where is her Burkha?
    Do that over there darling, and you will find yourself buried up to your neck ready for stoning.
    Bloody hypocrites, it’s all money with these camel jockeys and no class.

    1. Very true, I don’t have any problem with them wasting their money though. The more they spend on shit, the better it is.

  2. This Turki obviously isn’t the turkey that you thought him to be when it comes to his social life……

    He sure knows more about what attracts the girls that he wishes to pull than you do Matthew

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