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Editorial comment from Matthew SteeplesOur editor tells it like it is and he rarely minces his words

Cleaning up

As Speaker Bercow claims for polishing a coffee table, we suggest it is time to put a stop to such payments


John and Sally Bercow live in a grace-and-favour flat in Westminster as part of his package as House of Commons Speaker. Today, the Mail Online’s Richard Kay revealed that he’s recently claimed not only for some £10,000 of repairs but also for the polishing of a coffee table.


John and Sally Bercow's enthusiasm for spending public money appears to know no bounds
John and Sally Bercow’s enthusiasm for spending public money appears to know no bounds

At a time when many in this country barely get by, the Bercows have yet again illustrated how out of touch they truly are. This self-entitled couple not only live rent free in the Houses of Parliament but also benefit from the Speaker’s salary of £142,000 per year. With further income from Mrs Bercow’s regular outings in the media, could this pair not have paid for the polishing themselves or maybe even – horror of horrors – got out a duster?


According to the report, Bercow claimed £50 to cover fixing a blind in his daughter’s bedroom and £964.98 for a new dishwasher. Perhaps, instead of exploiting her husband’s position to profit from appearances in such lowbrow television as Celebrity Big Brother, Mr Bercow could put in a more appropriate request: That he and his wife be taught to clean, wash and sew.



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3 comments on “Cleaning up”

  1. John Bercow is one of many self- serving politicians. They all aspire to accumulate a property empire equal to that of Tony and Cherie Blair. We will all have the opportunity in 2015 to assess the situation.

  2. What it is about Speakers. In days of yore they were people of impeccable character and stature. Now they seem a shady lot. Matthew is right to get the Bercows in his sights. The Speaker should be a figure of probity; he should be setting an example to a Commons whose members seem to think that politics is a way of enriching themselves. Not only does this ghastly, tasteless runt get a huge salary, but a pension collectable even after just a couple of years service.

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