Olympic closing ceremony

SIR – I watched the Olympic closing ceremony and was astounded by how well executed it was. I began as a cynic of the Games and in fact I was very much of the belief of: “The Olympics… Give them to the Scots, they take everything else from us” but I must admit I got it utterly wrong. Frankly, I should heed the words of Boris Johnson and “eat my hat.”


James Donaldson

London, SW6


SIR – I quite disagree with your take on the Olympic closing ceremony. Where were Elton John and Mick Hucknall? To have Jessie J perform three times was simply beyond the pale.


Anne Smith



SIR – Boris Johnson dancing to the Spice Girls was the highlight of the closing ceremony of the Games for me. If BoJo doesn’t become PM, perhaps he could become audition to become a dancer for Madonna.


Hannah Johnson

Cobham, Surrey


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