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“Where are they now?” – Monica Lewinsky

What has become of the world’s most famous intern Monica Lewinsky?


Monica Lewinsky, it seems, is making a return to public life. The world’s most famous intern was spotted at the birthday party of Heather Kerzner at the Downton Mayfair restaurant last Tuesday night. In the company of amongst others the Duchess of York, Princess Eugenie and her former Admiral Codrington barman boyfriend Jack Brooksbank, Donna Air and the Duchess of Cambridge’s brother, James Middleton, the Daily Mail described her as wearing “dark layers with gem-laden accessories”.


Monica Lewinsky leaving Heather Kerzner's birthday party at Downtown Mayfair last Tuesday
Monica Lewinsky leaving Heather Kerzner’s birthday party at Downtown Mayfair last Tuesday
Monica Lewinsky pictured embracing Bill Clinton
Monica Lewinsky pictured embracing Bill Clinton

Lewinsky, the paper also reported, was introduced to Ms Kerzner, the former wife of hotel magnate Sol Kerzner, by socialite and actress Amanda Eliasch in August 2012. Amongst others at a party held at the Chateau Marmont were Lisa Zane, Yassi Mazandi, Edward Bennett-Coles and Ronnie Sassoon.


Aside from having plainly found a niche on the social circuits of London and Manhattan, Miss Lewinsky, who has openly admitted that she’s “kind of known for something that’s not so great to be known for”, appeared in a $1 million endorsement campaign for Jenny Craig starting in January 2000. The deal was a disaster and by February of that year, the firm dropped Lewinsky and paid just for $300,000 for her involvement.


On the memoir and interview appearance fee front, Lewinsky has been far more successfully. Andrew Morton’s Monica’s Story is said to have netted her around $500,000 and circa $1 million from the international rights to her 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters on ABC.


In due course, supposedly seeking a more private life, Ms Lewinsky moved to London in 2005 to study social psychology at the London School of Economics. She produced a thesis titled “In Search of the Impartial Juror: An Exploration of the Third-person effect and Pre-Trial Publicity” and during this time I recall sitting at an adjoining table as she dined by herself at the Kings Road branch of Pizza Express, The Pheasantry. She cut quite a lonely figure and not much more has been heard of her since.


Forbes magazine, in September 2012, though, revealed that Miss Lewinsky was about to sign a $12 million memoir “detailing her relationship with the first seducer, discussing everything from his sexual peccadilloes to his complaints about wife Hillary”.


Around the same time, a “friend” told the New York Post: “No one will hire her and she can’t get a job because of Clinton”. In another feature in the National Enquirer, another “friend” added: “She’s facing 40 without a man in her life” as an excuse for why Miss Lewinsky is again peddling her story.


The latest? It’s now being suggested that Clinton’s former lover will appear on a FOX show named The Swan along with Happy Days actress Erin Moran. The programme, last broadcast in 2004, sees participants receive “physical and mental makeovers” including plastic surgery as they prepare to “reinvent themselves”.


Whether the memoirs and reality show go ahead or not, it looks like Miss Lewinsky will be back in London soon. In conclusion, Heather Kerzner told Charlotte Griffiths of the Mail on Sunday’s diary:


“It was great to have Monica along – we’re old friends. I’m now organising the Masterpiece Midsummer Gala in aid of charity on July 2. Hopefully Monica will be able to attend”.


26 comments on ““Where are they now?” – Monica Lewinsky”

  1. Former Democrat President of the United States of America Bill Clinton’s guilty pleasures at Capital Hill.
    A philosopher once stated; “no matter how far we travel in time, the memories will follow in the baggage car.
    Monica Lewinsky was the ultimate lollipop lady.

  2. Socialite Heather Kerzner former wife of Solomon (Sol) Kerzner the notorious former Sun King of Southern Africa.

    Looking forward to meet Heather and her friends at the Masterpiece Midsummer Gala in aid of charity in July.
    The rich get richer, one wonders how they do it.

  3. Lets not forget another Sol Kerzner former wife, Anneline Kriel known as “Sol’s Doll”. Anneline was also involved with Oscar Pistorious father Henke. It is a crazy world.

  4. This is yet another case of raw sexism. He’s a senior statesman, respected (by some), the world is his oyster. She’s slinking around, still a pariah, still the topic of jokes. It took two to tango–and if there were ever a case of workplace inequity–the most powerful boss in the world coming onto the female help–my God, this was it. Feminists kept strangely silent & were the ultimate hypocrites in this mess. It’s considered tacky in the extreme to even bring up the name Monica Lewinsky in his (Clinton’s) presence; I have no doubt Lewinsky cannot get any meaningful career due to the Clintons’ extreme influence. Feminists should be outraged all over again at her forced pariah status while he basks in glory–but once again, so-called feminists are still silent.

    1. I know I am 2 years late to this conversation. However the outlandish comment that you have left needs to be addressed! This “woman” was of sound mind when she made the CHOICE to sleep with the most powerful man in the world. A MARRIED man! No one forced her to make the choices that she made. And she had an agenda the entire time! What she was not expecting was for it to all blow up in her face and ruin her life. This woman has exploited Mrs. Clintons pain and humiliation way too many times as it is! And she deserves exactly what she is getting!!! And she has no one else but herself to blame for her current situation! If anything feminist should shun this disgusting poor excuse for a “woman”! She is undeserving of our respect!! Yes Bill got off easy. But IMO so did she! I mean she made a profit off of being a disgusting skank! And off of hurting another woman. Maybe if people like you would stop giving these pigs a free pass. Then the divorce rate in this country would not be so high!

      1. Tina,

        Why is Lewinsky a “disgusting skank” for giving a blow job?! Have you ever given a guy head? Do you consider yourself to be a “disgusting skank”? Why not?!


  5. Don’t throw stones at Monica Lewinsky, we all have our skeletons in our closets, her closets just so happened to be made of glass and she didn’t realize that at the time. Hey great name for Monica Lewinsky’s movie “Glass Closets”. In any case a lot of us have skeletons in our closets that would the great makings of a great movie, so again, keep your rocks to yourself.

    1. What do you call a woman that is both a nymphomaniac and a Kleptomaniac? A fucking thief.
      Monica Lewinsky has more than a glass closet full of skeletons, she owns a entire mortuary.
      Monica is planning to create a Million Dollar Empire out of all of this.
      Liberal Democrat Bill Clinton sold his soul for a doodle. Clinton has already been punished for his part in the scandal, he is still stuck with Hillary.
      All I am guilty of is trying to make a honest living

  6. Sir Jimmy Savile OBE KCSG also made the most of it, he shagged the young, the sick, the old and the dead.
    Screw the moralists. We are all equal at the end of the day. What depraved Liberal logic is this?

  7. How many blow – jobs did your mother give before dear old dad came along? That’s the nature of sex. Forget status, religious commitment and politics. It has been this way since we came out of the trees. It is fair game for all women to exploit their genetic disposition for whatever perceived advantage in a male dominated world. Look at recent history. A male can infatuate some females some of the time, …………………. ! The real power lays in a women’s court

    1. Bryon Michael Hague Mckinnon is insinuating that all women are debauched whores.
      I recommend that he procures a good effective antiseptic mouth wash and gargle, for his mother, as he obviously knows a lot about his mother.
      He never knew my mother.
      I bet he is a Liberal Democrat in the House of Lords.

  8. Read Morton’s book. No sexual intercourse took place- ever. Oral sex [twice] produced semen from Clinton, after much effort by Lewinsky. Blue Gap dress proved to be stained by Clinton’s semen. Perhaps the guy is a typical impotence sufferer? They seem to need new women and cannot “perform” naturally, so a ‘hand shandy’ is required to produce a pleasing [for them] result. Women get nothing but a sore jaw/hand from this exercise.
    Monica was shafted- all the way to the Grand Jury- but not in the way a salacious media reported on her.

  9. She got all she deserves, ratting out all those details that no one needed to know. She could have kept them to her self. She was a back stabbing, publicity groping #unt. It was the president of the United States, the whole country was dragged in front of the world, tacky, tacky, tacky woman.

    1. Bingo,, why do people think just because the president is – well, the President,, EVERY Fark’n citizen in the US needs to know what goes on in their “private” lives and behind private closed doors? Little Miss Monica got and continues to get her just reward – for spilling the load – er’,, beans. If some magazine wants to give this little Missy $12 for her story, good for her. Most likely the book will struggle to hit 10,000 in sales. For those of we who were around during this embarrassing incident for our country – whether or not we liked or trusted Slick Willy – this mess was too ugly and frankly we really don’t care to know any more than we already know. Only the media wanted to make a big deal out of this to move smutt magazines.

  10. Both Clinton and Monica are human beings. everyone could make a mistake. Life is short, Both of them should be forgivable by now. Clinton was one of the best presidents in the US history. Left some legacy story no matter whether is good or not, that would make our history more interesting, why not? Both of them are good people.

    1. When low ranking public servants like a Nurses, Firemen, Prison Officers, Police Officers,soldiers make a mistake there seems to be no mercy for them. They are burnt at the stake, for the sake of making an example of them. “The Life is short” argument don’t work for them. Those in the higher echelon’s of power are human beings and can be excused for making mistakes. Makes no sense, George.

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