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Canvassing Rolf

Will Theresa May be calling on her paedophile constituent Rolf Harris during the 2017 General Election?


Paedophile Rolf Harris was released from Stafford Prison this morning. The filthy 87-year old monster promptly returned to his riverside home in Bray, Berkshire and was pictured arriving there with clear binbags full of letters at around 10am on Friday.


Though, for now, a free but bailed man, Harris, whose Member of Parliament is Theresa May, will return to Southwark Crown Court on Monday to continue giving evidence in his trial for a further count of indecent assault.


Previously, in 2008, May – a woman who shares a mutual love of eating curries at a curry house named Malik’s with the jailbird former television personality – remarked: “I’ve knocked on Rolf Harris’s door and asked for his vote”. One has to ask: “Will our Prime Minister be doing the same this time round?”


Canvassing Rolf – PM Theresa May and constituent Rolf Harris – Will Theresa May be calling on her paedophile constituent Rolf Harris during the 2017 General Election?
Rolf Harris arrives at his Berkshire home on 19th May 2017 after leaving Her Majesty’s Prison Stafford earlier in the morning


11 comments on “Canvassing Rolf”

  1. Rolf Harris is a good Australian export and he has served his sentence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think he was innocent and Teresa should ask him to help her MAKE GREAT BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like that they both like curry —— All great people love an onion bhaji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. He would make a better Australian import which as we know was a peculiar way us English made Britain Great.
      Here is what your Oz news says about this kiddly fiddler.
      Let me remind you of what this disgusting paedophile wrote about his victims~~
      Climb up out of the woodwork babe
      From forty years ago
      The climate’s great in Britain now
      For making loads of dough
      You’ve festered down there long enough
      Time’s right to grab your chance
      Clap eyes on a rich celebrity
      And make the bastard dance
      Make him squirm, slimy little woodworm
      Make him squirm, squirm, squirm
      Sink your claws right in to the hilt, don’t like him go
      (Group) No! No!
      Make him burn, burn, burn,
      Slimy little woodworm, make him burn
      Get your fifty-years-old hooks into his dough
      (Group) Go baby go
      The old bandwagon you crawled out of
      (Rotten to the core)
      Conceals a host of foul accusers
      Twenty maybe more
      My guess is they’ll slide after you
      All following your stench
      Perhaps you believe you’re pretty still
      Some perfumed sultry wench
      Make him squirm
      I can hear you singing
      Make him squirm, squirm, squirm
      Just imagine all of the money waiting there
      (Group) Oh Yeah
      Make him burn, burn, burn
      Come and join the feeding frenzy girls,
      Don’t miss out, come on join me for your share
      (Group) Put it there
      Well hopefully once he gets freed of his current stage appearance in front of the judge, Mrs May will MAKE GREAT BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!! and send him packing back to your country before he pollutes his, British, allocated 6ft x2ft patch in the graveyard.

  2. Despite reading about him several times and the sick antics he is accused of I suppose I haven’t taken any of it in having admired him greatly as a kid. If he did commit such crimes then we deserves to be locked up for the rest of his life for sure. What a shame our illusion is ruined. If he is innocent then what the hell is going on? I know Sir Cliff was innocent.

    1. I could not possibly comment about Cliff Richard in any regard but I just wish he’d take a very long summer holiday and never return.

  3. Why was Rolf Harris not immediately deported back to Australia?
    He has ruined the lives of many people in our country and is definitely not welcome here. Send him back now.

    1. The trial is still ongoing. He should not go anywhere (yet) though I hope he eventually burns in hell.

  4. The most bewildering thing is that I checked that Facebook page run by that obsessed paedophile-apologist loon Lizzie Cornish (Lisa Route) this morning.

    Would you believe that she is still asking people to sign that petition? What the heck is the point of it? Normally, you can only get an official response from the government if your petition manages to gather a minimum of 10,000 signatories. This hasn’t even collected a quarter of that in over TWO years. No doubt that’s why they never bothered to submit it – despite claiming that the case should be reviewed ‘as a matter of urgency’.

    Now that Harris has been released, that particular case will probably have been closed now anyway. As for the case which continues on Monday, we shall just have to see what happens.

    1. Lizzie Cornish – Is she really called Lisa Route? That is new to me. She constantly used to pester me but thankfully went quiet some time ago. Loopy creature just like the other nutter Sandra Shevey.

      1. Someone left a comment on another article about her, saying that her real name is ‘Lisa Route’. He/she also alleged that Ms Route/Cornish an exceptionally dangerous and nasty individual, who managed to screw up the lives of her two children by trying to home educate them, and then for some reason, was allowed to look after an ageing relative.

        I have no idea as to the veracity of the latter allegations. But a quick Google check seems to confirm that she is indeed called ‘Lisa Route’. And given that she has publicly named and harassed some of the victims in Rolf Harris’s first trial, I have no qualms in sharing her real name here.

  5. What is wrong with you? ROLF HARRIS IS INNOCENT and the world will soon know the truth about the pig women making the false accusations about this wonderful, wonderful artist.

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