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Hapless Harriet

Harriet Harman proves herself to be the dimmest politician on the planet


Harriet Harman is nothing but a dimwit. Everyone already knew that but that this Labour politician now has claimed “the wave of stabbing [in London] were a ‘black-on-black’ problem caused by aggressive rap music” just proves she’s nothing but a pillock.


Harman, an over-entitled busybody, multiple homeowner and “committed feminist,” spoke at a “summit” in her constituency and remarked:


“They believe the internet is being used to plan and to incite violence and believe drill music and videos are used for criminal purposes.”


“You see with the crime that’s happening now, music does influence it. You’ve got to put your hands up and say drill music does influence it.”


Music may be a factor in inciting violence but it is not the sole cause. ‘Harriet Harperson’ should examine other factors causing such activities and in fact really should just put a sock in it.


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