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Hero of the Hour – Anna Soubry MP

Conservative politician Anna Soubry MP tells it like it is on Brexit; she is currently a lone voice of reason and others should follow her lead


Yesterday, Conservative politician Anna Soubry MP stood up in Parliament and said something completely unpalatable to the ‘wheat field wanderer’ Theresa May. She spoke about the truth of the legacy of the Brexit referendum and reminded her own party that they need to wake up and listen.



In full, Soubry stated:


My own front bench has to wake up and understand that things have now changed. The rhetoric has to be dropped. This slogan: “no deal is better than a bad deal” is a nonsense, it’s always been a nonsense, and the British people know it. And that is why they voted as they did on 8th June.


I stood in this place, on this spot on two occasions – and I warned honourable and right honourable friends on this side of the house, of the dangers of ignoring the 48%, and the young in particular. And I use that expression. Many young people who voted Remain believe an older generation have stolen their future. And the result was there on 8th June. I hate to have been proved right, but I was proved right.


Look at the demographics of those results, and as you see almost mirrored from the referendum. The older people were, the more likely they were to have voted Conservative. The younger ones, and that’s obviously in my terms today – which is anyone under the age of about 50 – but look at those demographics, look at what happened. People under the age of 45: more of them voted Labour in that election.


Now it’s of course profoundly ironic that people who voted Remain then went and voted for the Leader of the Opposition and Labour, a man who gave Remain a very lukewarm 7.5 out of 10, it’s profoundly ironic. And if I may say to them, they too have to wake up and accept the reality of the situation because they’ve promised many of those people things they may not be able to deliver on. So when they talk about the customs union, the single market and immigration, they have now got to say what they mean and stop being cowards about it.


If you think you want the benefits of the customs union, have the courage – I nearly said a word that is very un-Parliamentary – to stand up and say that. Make the case, make the argument, as we now need to do, about the benefits of immigration.


We salute this fine lady for her wise words and urge her to continue. The 48% deserve a voice and the madness of Brexit needs to be stopped. We are truly still better together.



7 comments on “Hero of the Hour – Anna Soubry MP”

  1. Someone should remind her who her paymaster is ——– Teresa May ———- Anna Soubrie needs to learn what side her bread is buttered on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send her to the tower!!!!!!!!!!!! Deport her!!!!!!!!!!!!! Illegals apologist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Er… I missed her speech. Did she go on to tell what the benefits are? It seems to me the benefits certainly flow to those who employ plumbers, servants, strawberry pickers, drink coffee etc etc. and I suppose also to a generation of unemployed youth who can spend their time in the boozer at the tax payers’ expense. Maybe Anna thinks the homeless sleeping on Brighton seafront are reaping one of the benefits of too many people in the country and not enough houses. If so I do agree with her. Brighton can be like the Cote d’Azur in the summer but does she ever think about what it is like for those homeless in the winter?

  3. This woman is a disgrace. NOT a democrat. Won’t accept the democratic will of the people who voted to LEAVE. Ignoring the greatest economic opportunity for UK in last 50 years. Not even a real Tory, a failed Lib Dem to where she should be sent back.

  4. No Rod her paymaster is not Mrs May, it is the people of this country. She is absolutely correct. People roll off percentages such as 48% and that means that almost half of the population are being railroaded into something they did not want. Brexit will be a disaster and the version conducted by May a double disaster. Remember she holds her power by bribing the DUP. Time To$$er May departed.

    1. So, had the % been reversed you would have told those wishing to leave to F off?
      You sound like a dimwit

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