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The Trouble with Tamara

Matthew Steeples (attempts) to review ITVBe’s new series about the life of wealthy heiress Tamara Ecclestone (but doesn’t get very far)


I was going to write a scathing review of Tamara Ecclestone’s attempt to outdo Kim Kardashian with the new ITVBe series about her privileged life, Tamara’s World. Then, after wasting 60 minutes watching what can only be described as a self-centred brat spouting drivel about how wealthy-but-normal she is, I realised I could offer readers interested in fucked-up rich people some better advice: Turn off your TV set and read The Great Gatsby instead.


The Trouble with Tamara Ecclestone – ITVBe series Tamara’s World Matthew Steeples (attempts) to review ITVBe’s new series about the life of wealthy heiress Tamara Ecclestone (but doesn’t get very far)
Tamara Ecclestone breastfeeding her child whilst husband Jay Rutland looks on


Some pearls from Tamara Ecclestone


“I would say we are very down to earth as a family”


“Everyone thinks our wedding was a monstrosity but it was quite normal”


“I’m like an old lady with a cup of tea”


“I have more fun with my three year old than with most thirty-three year olds I know”


“We are completely bonkers but normal at the same time”


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11 comments on “The Trouble with Tamara”

  1. Pwoah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes please, yes please indeedy yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send her Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll share breakfast with her any day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Husband needs to head back to the hedgerows of petrol stations in Essex I do believe)

  2. I watched it and think I would have preferred to have observed paint cracking. There won’t be a second series as it was just so dull. Kardashians – 10, Ecclestones – 0.

  3. Another load of crap, so called reality TV, empty heads famous for being famous.
    PS Where is Rolf Harris could be innocent? probably still eating her cornflakes..

  4. How unkind you all are. She is just a girl who got pot luck and got a rich daddy and she married a boy who got pot luck and married a rich baby. She deserves to have fun and she needs all the love in the world given her mummy is known to be a husband beater and her daddy is known to be someone without any kind of moral compass. Good for her for trying to protect her beautiful daughter.

  5. Right load of shit just chattin crap so boring who do they think they are ya joke an stop going on about feeeeeeefeeeeeee dick heads

  6. Total bollocks the world are not interested in. wannabees who have nothing of real interest to share with decent people apart from flashing there assess, legs and sticking there tits in your face.

    1. Well said John, I’m sick and tired of these people who think they are better than anyone else, and contribute nothing. They say and do outrageous stuff to get talked about, and are simply famous for being famous. Also, how the f##k does this air head walk in those shoes ffs?

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