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Meddling Meyers on May

Theresa May’s sinking ship has few left onboard; when all you’ve got are the meddling Meyers, you should know your time is up


When “bit of a squit” Sir Christopher Meyer and his brusque busybody wife Baroness Meyer are all you’ve got left, you know you’re snookered.


That this grasping duo are taken seriously – with Sir Christopher reeling himself out Sky News whilst his “Chanel clad” wife regularly lauds the worst Prime Minister in history – is a total joke.


Last week, Baroness Meyer took to Twitter and bombastically suggested there would be violence if Theresa May’s “deal” (which in itself is nonsense given there is actually no “deal”) were not to proceed. Reacting to her suggestion that would be “gilets jaune all over Britain,” one Barry Butler responded: “The threat of violence, coming from a Tory peer, is a new low from the more refined in the #Brexit ranks. They have wisely abandoned the illusory sunlit uplands & now call upon likely fascist street thug activity as a good excuse. Truly pathetic & desperate.”


Elsewhere, on his own account, the pompous former ambassador to Washington tweeted about how May’s deal is “the nation’s destiny” and bleated on about John Bercow. He claimed the Prime Minister’s strategy to be “least bad” and argued: “Brexit has gone down like drain-cleaner through the furred plumbing of British democracy and in hindsight will be seen as a purging force for renewal.”


With like people this counselling her, it is no wonder the harridan vicar’s daughter continues to behave so irrationally. Mrs May instead needs a dose of reality and she needs it now; as The Sun said this morning: “Times’s Up Theresa.”


#BringHerDown #MakeMarchTheEndOfMay #ExitBrexit


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