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Awarding a Pun

Rat-like party crasher David Pun puts in an appearance at the ‘Mayfair Times’ Awards at Claridge’s


Last night, at Claridge’s, blagger and ligger David Pun put in appearance for the Mayfair Times Awards 2019.


No doubt pretending to be a director of Harvey Nichols, Peninsula Hotels and an architect also, Pun sported his signature bow tie and reportedly ate and drank more than anyone in sight.


Awarding a Pun – Party crasher David Pun remerges like a rat – Rat-like party crasher David Pun puts in an appearance at the ‘Mayfair Times’ Awards at Claridge’s – Business card of David Pun and business card of Marie-Claire, Baroness von Alvensleben.
The ludicrous business cards of London’s leading liggers David Pun and Marie-Claire, ‘Baroness’ von Alvensleben


With a New Year upon us, event hosts should be reminded of the menace of this degenerate. This rat-like creature should not be welcomed by polite society but instead relegated back to the bus shelter in Hammersmith where he belongs.


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13 comments on “Awarding a Pun”

  1. He deserves an award for his stamina but then again he also deserves locking up. I have actually seen him take a sandwich in Pret, not pay for it, sit down at a table, eat it and then walk off.

  2. PR people and the likes of the Mayfair Times that still let him in are plainly thick beyond belief or determined to wreck their events. He is a rude, rude man. Tell him to clear off and you’d earn my respect. Well done to The Steeple Times for their naming and shaming of this weirdo.

  3. Von Alvensleben is STILL living in The Diplomat Hotel in Belgravia. I’ve read reviews that say it is “rat infested” — she is the one that is the rat (as well as Pun) and she should be thrown out. How on earth can that benefit scrounger continue to tap in to British benefits whilst genuine Brits with troubles struggle? Shameful.

  4. P.S. Pun – I’ve seen him in the window of Burger King on Gloucester Road sleeping and also at a hotel in South Kensington. There is nowhere this RAT doesn’t go.

  5. No Pun intended. Or wanted.
    Shows how inefficient the security arrangements are at these events. Guest lists with Thugs In Suits stopping you at the door from getting in if your name isn’t on the list…. why does that never work?

  6. I can’t understand how this free loading prick even gets into these events. For gods sake can’t anybody recognise him when he rocks up to the door. Even if he does get in, you only have to accidentally trip up with a bowl of hot tomato soup down his shirt front. Do this a few times and he might get the message. Although I seriously think he has some sort of mental problem to be doing this.

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