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Editorial comment from Matthew Steeples Our editor tells it like it is and he rarely minces his words

Trounced Theresa

Matthew Steeples suggests Theresa May’s time truly is up


Theresa May stood at The Centopah yesterday and looked like a she was about to be run into the ground.


Next to the scruffy (as could be easily and always predicted) Commie Jeremy Corbyn, this lackadaisical and utterly pointless woman presented an image of somebody with a dress sense that reflected her status: That of an epic failure. Plainly the clothing suggestions of her only real friend, the charity tin loving Baroness Meyer didn’t pay off.


With the DUP deserting her and ‘Cain and Abel’ (brothers Boris and Jo Johnson) having turned also, we predict May’s next moment will be to follow the path of Julius Caesar. This is a woman whose hand has fallen off the tiller and a woman whose own party is now at war with itself.


People thought John Major was bad but by God, we’re in a situation worse. This may not something akin to the Suez Crisis and the resignation of Anthony Eden (as Jo Johnson described it), but it’s jolly well time Theresa May just faces up to the facts and grabs her and her ‘Garden Gnome-like’ husband’s spoils of premiership before she’s deservedly shoved under the bus.


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7 comments on “Trounced Theresa”

  1. She looks in need of a good shagging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But do not send her Down Under —– we do NOT want the freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Matthew, I disagree with your comments — and they are so vindictive that luckily one can see through them and ignore them. Totally unnecessary. You can do better!

    1. Tatiana – You sound like an utter pillock and dim beyond belief. This cow has to go. She’s f**ked our nation royally and her weird husband has his grubby hands in the till. Thieving freaks.

    2. I have not commented on here in a while but you make me sure to do so Tatiana. You are completely out of touch with reality and Matthew is spot on.

    3. Tatiana, It’s deranged people like you that allow Pigs like her and her husband to sail off into the sunset, enjoying their tax payer funded, exorbitant superannuation payouts. Along with all the other freebies, Office staff, Security, First class air travel for life etc etc etc.
      Wake up to yourself, voters like you allow this crap to go on and on.

  3. Whenever I see her head pop up, I think, God help us. When you compare her with some of the great PM’s Britain has had over the past 50 years, it doesn’t bear thinking about. She is a typical greedy Pig with her snout in the trough, and when I think of the golden handshake she will receive when she’s finally ousted, I feel physically sick.
    Make Britain great again.

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