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Moron of the Moment – Carl Benjamin

Far right bigot Carl Benjamin simply shows UKIP in its true colours; he has and his kind are the ones that should be banished from Britain

UKIP MEP candidate Carl Benjamin (AKA ‘Sargon of Akkad’) finds racism “funny” and he likes to call disabled people “retards.” This vile, potty-mouthed specimen refers to Asian women as “chinks,” black people as “niggers,” refused to apologise for stating he “wouldn’t even [want to] rape” the Labour MP Jess Phillips and once even went as far as to say: “I don’t give a s**t about the Holocaust.”


Despite declaring people who don’t agree with him need to learn “to talk like an adult,” bigoted father of two Benjamin was not even condemned by UKIP’s leader, Gerard Batten. Of the offensive diatribe, Batten remarked: “The vast majority of people out there couldn’t care less.”


Rightly suspended from Twitter along with the equally repugnant Tommy Robinson last week, Benjamin is an example of the lowest of the low. This piece of scum should not be elected to office; instead he should have his filthy mouth washed out with a bar of soap.


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4 comments on “Moron of the Moment – Carl Benjamin”

  1. Someone has put together a video of all the clips where Carl Benjamin said those things, but with context:

    Condemn the guy for the things he has actually said, not the things other people say about him. Context matters.

    He has 5 years worth of videos, live streams and debates. Of course you will find dirt on him that can be put into little clips and put side to side to make him appear like the shittiest person on the planet.

    1. I have looked into him. Yes, a few of the things that have been said about him are demonstrably false. For example, the Mail’s recent article, claiming he supported paedophilia is completely untrue – and contains a fabricated quotation, stitched together from two separate podcasts. He was clearly talking about how pederasty was accepted in Ancient Greece – but then went on to state that he did not agree with it at all.

      However, other things that Matthew mentions are not untrue. The link you posted also leads to an archived podcast. He makes a very nasty comment about an Asian woman who says, it’s not okay to call her a “chink”. He then laughs and says he is entitled to because Asians do much better on average, and occupy more powerful positions. Really? As someone of mixed Asian descent, that word has only ever been used as a term of abuse towards me – and never because I was more successful in life than those who called me a “chink”.

      Finally, I thoroughly dislike Jess Phillips MP – who is more than capable of being unpleasant and abusive herself. But you do have to wonder at the mentality of someone who sends tweets like “I wouldn’t even rape you” and then later states, “I suppose with enough pressure I might cave. But let’s be honest nobody’s got that much beer.” – regardless of whether it’s intended as a joke or not.

      In short, he’s not a nice man.

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