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Wally of the Week – William Hanson

Gin and tonic hater William Hanson frankly has to be the biggest idiot in Britain


Self-proclaimed “etiquette and protocol expert” (if such a thing could ever exist) William Hanson declared gin and tonics to be “frightfully downmarket” on Friday. In doing so, this moron and oddity proved himself not a man of knowledge but instead Britain’s ultimate village idiot.


Wally of the Week – Gin hater William Hanson
Wally of the Week – William Hanson would do well to admit he doent have a clue what he is talking about when it comes to anything to do with gin


According to an article posted Friday on the Mail Online, Hanson believes gin and tonics “no longer [have] any class and sophistication” and that they “have fallen victim to [their] own success”. He considers gin to have “gone the way of sambuca and Jagermeister” and that this deservedly popular tipple is a drink drunk only by “posers and peasants”. Worse still, this know-all concludes: “It is now not socially safe to be seen to enjoy this drink in public” before elsewhere declaring himself “a teacup and a saucer in a world of mugs”. We raise a G&T to him; he’ll, no doubt, be utterly disgusted.



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19 comments on “Wally of the Week – William Hanson”

  1. What are the Mail thinking? Most of their readers are “Gin and Jag” set. How to lose friends and alienate people.

  2. At first I thought this was the making of a Monty Python sketch
    What a prissy, pasty-faced prick. This mincing, nasal voiced fraud might once have been a waiter at Butlins but that in no way qualifies him to ‘advise’ his elders and betters. (That’s what come from watching too much Downton Abbey).
    Just a couple more of his egregious solecisms:
    He says: “Pink gin (add a splash of angostura bitters to the standard gin and tonic)”
    Dope. A proper Pink Gin is a few drops of angostura with Plymouth Gin. Nothing else.
    The benighted oik then suggests “Champagne (French, not the Italian or Spanish versions)”. There is only one appellation for Champagne. Any other sparkling wine is precisely that. Sparkling wine. Not a ‘version’ of Champagne.
    What a prat. Still our resident galah now will be misinforming his Melbourne mates as to the ‘proper’ way to swig their stubbies.
    Strewth. Give me strength. A bit early to attack the Hendricks bottle I ‘spose.

    1. Glen:

      Hendricks is not gin. It is vodka flavoured with cucumber.

      You can’t be a drinks expert if you think otherwise.

  3. HA! HA! HA!…..(Who the Hell gives a flying copulation for this dim little mental and social cripple’s opinion…..!!!?)

  4. Well nothing quite like a nice Gordons and Coke on a balmy evening on this side of the pond, with a twist, of course.

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